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The Amazing Facts About Brazil.

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Heather Marban

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The Amazing Facts About Brazil.

The Amazing Facts About Brazil.
The Culture
Brazil has many Religions

• Catholic
• Protestant
• Methodist
• Episcopal
• Pentecostal
• Lutheran
• Baptist

Other Religions Then Christian

• Jewish
• Muslim (or Islam)
• Buddhist
• Jehovah’s Witness
• Shinto
• Rastafarian
• Candomble
• Umbanda

1. Brazil is the biggest country in South America.
2.The population of Brazil in 2012 was 198.7 Million People.
Did You Know?
3. Brazil is known for the best coffee in the World.
4. Brazil is the fifth largest country.
They had a First Women President
Top Tourist Visits
10.Ouro Preto
9.Teatro Amazonas
8.Fernando de Noronha
7.Historic Center of Olinda
6.Salvador Beaches
4.Rio Carnival
3.Amazon River
2.Iguazu Falls
1.Christ the Redeemer

History Of Brazil
I Ran Out Of Ideas .-.
So Enjoy This Video Of Brazil's Beautiful Sights :)
You can be adventures and go scuba diving!, Hang Gliding In Rio De Janeiro
and other Fun stuff to MANY to name .

FUN things to do in Brazil :D
President:Dilma Rousseff
Language: Portuguese
Population:198.7 million people (2012)
Land Area:3,265,059 sq mi (8,456,511 sq km); total area: 3,286,470 sq mi (8,511,965 sq km
Growth Rate: 1.1%
Largest Cities:São Paulo, 19,900,000; Rio de Janeiro, 11,836,000; Salvador, 2,590,400; Belo Horizonte, 5,736,000; Recife, 1,485,500; Porto Alegre, 4,034,000

Its the only Latin nation that derives its language.
The natives inhabits Tupí-Guaraní Indians.
First women president was Lula on October 2010's.
Brazil's economic freedom score is 57.7.
Brazil's Economy
The First Women President
The first women of Brazil was Dilma Roussedd, she was ranked 85th out of 148..
53% of brazilian in university's are Females, they mostly go in for health & Human Science. Women.
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