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anthony williams

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of TWITTER

@ Symbols
Step by Step
How to Create a Twitter Account
Using @symbols and (#)Hashtags
Using them right
And what they mean
1.Go to http://twitter.com and find the sign up box.

2.Enter your full name, email address, and a password.

3.Click Sign up for Twitter.

4.On the next page, you can select a username (usernames are unique to you) type your own or choose one suggested by Twitter. Make it professional or fun.

5.Double-check your name, email address, password, and username.

6.Click Create my account

7.Twitter will send a confirmation email to the address you entered on sign up, click the link in that email to confirm your email address and account. (Confirm you email first before tweeting)
Sizing and uploading
Why add a Bio?
1.Go to http://twitter.com and find the sign up box.

2.Add your avatar: whether it be a picture of you or a cartoon image.

3.Adding your avatar gets you on average 10x more followers.
1.You use the @ symbol when you want to tweet to someone directly i.e. @reply @mention

2. If you are re-tweeting from someone else, then give them the credit by adding them to the post with an @ symbol.
Replying to Stephen Fry would be @stephenfry
What do they mean?
1.A hashtag (#symbol+word or phrase) can be added to your tweet making it easier to search for which increases your chances of creating a trending topic.

2.To add a hashtag just type the # (symbol) plus a word or phrase into your tweet.

3.Do not over #spam #with #hashtags. Over tagging your tweets with hashtags will only overcrowd your tweets. Only hashtag on relevant topics.
bio and avatar
1.Adding a bio will help personalise your twitter experience. Your bio will give people an insight into your background, interests and outlook.

2.A Bio will also make it easier for someone to decide if they want to follow you or not, so make it short, to the point, yet snappy and informative.
Also a Bio can give you up to 8x more followers.
Your avatar needs to be no bigger than 700kb and can be a jpeg gif or png file type.
What are you doing?
Follow some Tweeps
what are tweets, tweeps and tweeting?
Tweeps are people who follow each other from one social network to another
Tweets are posts on Twitter
Tweeting is the act of posting a Tweet on Twitter
find followers
To find followers, type a username in the search box and then click search. When you've found who you're looking for simply click follow.
you only have 140 max characters per tweet, so make them count
The more you participate the more you will get. So tweet about interesting tweets you've read.
Tweet on a regular basis
Rule 1
Set up your profile, this includes:

1. Your Avatar

2. Your Username

3. Your Bio
Rule 2

1. Re-Tweet

2. Hashtag (#)

3. @yourself and others
Rule 3

1. Friends

2. Leading Professionals

3. Companies
Rule 4

1. Your followers

2. Other Tweeters and Tweeps

3. Your own Twitter feed
To create a Twitter account and for more information please go to www.twitter.com

If you require any assistance please contact the eLearning Team: elearning@darlington.ac.uk
If you have problems when creating your account, please go to: https://support.twitter.com/
Using Twitter as an online resource for use in the classroom has never been easier. Simply follow the industry professional or leading innovator that you wish to know more about, receive tweets from and click follow. You will now receive messages, tweets and information from and regarding the specific tweeter.
As a tutor you you have a lot of scope for being as creative as possible when it comes to using twitter as a teacher resource.
Create and Remix
1) Create a fake yet accurate twitter profile of a historical or literary figure.
2) Remix trending tweets together with images and videos to make the information more appealing to your learners.
3) Combine multiple tweets into a short story or poem.
combine, predict and convince
4) Predict trending words and phrases that will come up in the news or twitter feed.
5) Convince someone on a topic by using a twitter feed to argue your point.
Compare and Contrast

Keep your professional and personal profile separate!
6)Compare twitter to other forms of social media and their use within education.
7)Use a web diagram to compare and contrast different trends.
8)Follow relevant twitter users and industry professionals.
9)Tweet, hash tag and @ on subjects and twitter users that you quote or reference.
Students can use Twitter as a bulletin board for their lectures as well as a way to share information with other students.
Finding resources and other useful information.
Book recommendations, teaching tools and research from other students from other Colleges and Universities.
With information changing on a constantly steady pace, what was up to date one week may very well be obsolete the next.
Getting involved in discussions on twitter is a great way to be informed on up to date information, new topics on your relevant subject and a new way to improve communication skills online.
Evaluate sources

If you’re looking at sources of information for your paper but aren’t
sure about the quality of the information you have at your disposal, share your resources with fellow students and ask for feedback. You can get confirmation that you are on the right track or lead to better sources of information.

Clear your doubts

If you are given a topic which is not so familiar to you, you will be in a dilemma of how to approach or how to start with it. If Twitter is available, no need to worry. Just tweet a question with proper hashtags and see the response. If you are having a good number of followers, your paper will almost be completed but don’t be shy of asking your followers to re-tweet your request. Most people are ready to help you by contributing their valuable views.
Rule 1
rule 2
rule 3
Always remember to follow industry professionals that are relevant to the course you are studying.
Safety comes first. When online working on any networking site you need to make sure you are careful who you meet.

Only follow friends you know and follow industry professionals that are reputable.

Proofread your tweets. The amount of typos in 140 characters is mind blowing.
rule 4
Double-check your links to make sure they work prior to tweeting. Having to delete and then re-tweet your information can become stress and time consuming.
rule 5
See a tweet with content that you'd like to check out later? Many Twitter apps have an "E-mail Tweet" option. Maximize efficiency by using your inbox as your personal "to-do" list. Also, “Favorite” a tweet for later.
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