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River Thames case study

No description

Zishan Naeem

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of River Thames case study

The River Thames The river Thames-uses The River is great for industry and agriculture. The water allows factories to cool their power stations and also allows for irrigation of crops, especially in areas nearer then midlands of England. Population rise and pollution has caused problems with the development of the River Thames Location of the River Thames The source lies though Thames Head, Gloucestershire, UK near the midlands of the England, with the mouth (346km away) in southend, Essex. It's main function is transport, as it allows for larger ships to travel through it. It is therefore important in logistics It's supplies water. Lots of it. The south east of England in particular, gets more than 80% of it's water from the River. Over the past 30 years demand for public water supplies has increased by approximately 1.7 percent each year, leading to unsustainable extraction. Issues arising from development of the Thames The development of housing around the river has resulted in an increases risk of flooding in surrounding areas. This increased flood risk via reduced infiltration capacity, results in increased spending on flood defenses, up to £4 billion. The development of sewage pipes, and development sites is proving unaesthetically pleasing and a cause of pollution. This in turn causes conflict between those in favour of these developments and those against. Management issues associated with the development of River Basins The population has exceeded 60 million. It is a national priority for the government to create new housing. However, local authorities understand the flood risks associated with these man made materials. Cost is a major management issue in the Thames. There is conflict between people as some say they have not been compensated enough for the farmland they have lost People are also angry that taxation has increased due to the inefficiency of water extraction. The Thames loses millions of gallons
of water a day through leakages.
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