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Why do people kill Amur leopards

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Jasper Halvorson

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Why do people kill Amur leopards

Why do people kill Amur leopards
Amur leopards are mostly killed by Russians. They usually use the skins for carpets and coats. Amur leopards are poached largely for their beautiful,
spotted fur. Amur leopards have a thick coat with many black rings. In 1999, an undercover investigation team found a female Amur leopard skin and a male Amur leopard skin, which were
being sold for 500 US dollars and 1,000 US dollars, in a nearby village. This means that Amur leopards can sell for a lot of money.
Most leopards are found in warm environments such as the savannas of Africa, where populations are relatively stable. However, a rare subspecies of this cat lives in the temperate forests and harsh winters of the Russian Far East. This is the Amur leopard. Amur
Leopards from the Amur River basin, the mountains of north-eastern China and the Korean peninsula have pale cream-coloured coats, particularly in the winter. The population of leopards has declined a
lot. Their coat is soft with long and dense hair. The length of their hair on the back is 20-25 mm. They live about 10-15 years.The Amur leopard eats roe deer, sika deer, small wild boars, hares, badgers and raccoon dogs.
There are conservation organizations that help the
Amur leopard and the Amur tiger. The organizations will
hopefully keep Amur leopards from going extinct.
Poaching is the main threat for Amur leopards. In 14 months seven skins or parts of skins were confiscated, six in Russia and one in China. The Amur leopard has been classified as critically

endangered since 1996. Most of the people who hunt the Amur leopards hunt illegally without a licence for hunting or for their guns. There are only 7-12 left in China and 20-25 in Russia. Adult males weight around 32-48 kg, and large males weigh up
to 75 kg. Females weigh 25-43 kg. Between 1970-1983, the Amur leopard lost 80% of its former territory because of logging, forest fires and land conversion for farming.

About the Leopards
Amur Leopards
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