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Julia Child a Life

Bon Appétit!

Ellie Keck

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Julia Child a Life

"The French Chef"
Laura Shapiro
The author of
Julia Child a Life
, is a woman who is interested in food, cooking, and writing. Laura Shapiro has also written,
Something from the oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950's America,
Perfection Salad: Women and Cooking at the Turn of the Century (California Studies in Food and Culture).

Laura Shapiro has also written multiple excerpts in different papers.
Laura Shapiro is an excellent writer for this book because she is able to make the readers understand Julia Child's love for food. She compels the readers to be inspired by Julia Child. She tells the story of Julia's life without it ever becoming boring, dull, or just factual. All the details and information are arranged in a way that is organized and interesting. However, there are couple liberal views in this book that some readers may not agree with. She was, though, writing about a liberal person; these ideas are so miniscule in the big picture that the book is still enjoyable. Shapiro does not just give the list of things that Julia and Paul did in there lives, she displays Julia's passion and love for cooking and food. By the end of this well-written book, readers are inspired to go create something delicious .
"Julia Child a Life"
Recipe a la Julia Child
Julia Child was a determined woman. She was willing to make the effort to get what she wanted done. Everyone including her fans referred to her as "Julia", not using her last name because they felt as if they knew her. She was such a real person: always her confident self, not trying to act like something she was not. Julia loved to cook, but first she loved to eat. She demonstrated that a person did not have to be a natural cook to make lovely dishes, but that real talent was acquired through practice, effort, and time. Also, Julia thought that loving to cook was essential to creating something truly splendid.
The theme of this book is to reveal the extraordinary life of an iconic woman. Through this story, readers are shown Julia Child's unique life from when she was young, to when she died. Readers get a glimpse of Julia's many views on life. However the most important point in this true tale is the love of a chef for her food.
La Theme
Julia Child a Life
, starts out in the beginning when Julia was born in Pasadena, California in 1912 to parents John and Julia Carolyn McWilliams. When Julia was finished with all of her schooling, she did not really know what she wanted to do with her life, so she took a myriad of jobs in many different places. With World War 2 looming near she started to help at the Red Cross. When the war was in motion, Julia traveled to Washington DC to sign up for the military, but she was too tall. She ended up working for the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). Julia then was transferred overseas at her request and was sent to India; her job was mainly paperwork. Even though she thought she probably would not marry, because she was around thirty years of age, she eventually met her true love, Paul Child. He also worked for the OSS. When they went their separate ways after the war was over, Julia back to Pasadena and Paul to Washington DC, they continued to correspond. During this time in Julia's life she started to cook. She took lessons and when she tried to cook different meals, it mostly ended in a catastrophe. However, she was determined to learn so that she could connect with Paul more; Paul was very worldly and interested in many aspects of life, such as trying different foods. Her cherished love finally arrived for her and they drove back across the country and then were married. Julia and Paul moved to Paris, and Julia was in wonderment at the lovely land she was in now. Going to the markets and observing the people was so foreign to her yet intriguing. However she soon became restless with having nothing to do. Julia then went to Cordon Bleu cooking school and started to further her interest in food. Thinking that the beginner's class was child's play she transferred herself to the advanced class. Chef Max Bugnard was her supreme role model above the other teachers; Julia truly learned from his guidance. Even though she had trials and failings, Julia kept on cooking and was developing into a fine chef. She met her good, long time friend, Simca, who was interested in food as well. Julia also met a woman named Louisette Bertholle, and this trio started to teach cooking classes. Simca and Louisette had been working on a cookbook and they tried to publish it but to no avail. When Julia took a look at it she found it to be a disaster. Louisette, Julia, and Simca set out to make a fantastic cookbook. Through experimenting with tons and tons of different recipes, a cookbook was made, but it was too long and American publishers were not interested in a book on French cooking. Eventually, a final copy was made called
Mastering the Art of French Cooking
, co-authored by Julia and Simca, was eventually published. Julia's purpose in writing this book was to bring real French cooking to Americans. She wanted to write a book that would be clear and easy to understand, with perfected food that anyone could make using some effort. Always was Julia's belief that no one should ever sacrifice taste and quality for easiness or speed. Her cookbook was to be presented to people who love to cook and wanted to learn how to the French way. Later after the cookbook was published Julia became well known for her work and she acquired a television show,
The French Chef
. Throughout her career, Paul, her husband, always stood by her side and helped her along. Julia Child was then, and until she died, an iconic figure in the United States: an extraordinary chef that warmed everyone's hearts with her exquisite cooking and passion for food.
After reading
Julia Child a Life
, I was very pleased with the information I had gleaned about the talented, legendary personage Julia Child. While I was able to learn about the majority of her life, it was never just like a history textbook. It was about a remarkable person's life and the fascinating and uncommon experiences she had. After reading this lovely nonfiction, I was very inspired by Julia's gumption and talent that it made me want to go cook and create something scrumptious. I would definitely recommend this book if you love to cook and would like to learn about Julia Child's life. High school age and up would be suitable for people to read this book, instead of children. There are some adult topics and political views discussed that might not be appropriate for children. Overall, this was a very nicely written book and it gave me more insight into Julia Child's life. While delivering the facts about her life, readers are also motivated by Julia's phenomenal passion for her food.
My Opinion-
Through reading this book, I realized that nonfiction writing does not have to be monotonously drab at all. Since I usually read fiction stories I thought that this book would be just a ton of boring facts. Not so! Readers are still enjoying an interesting story, except that it is actually about a real person. In addition to learning about a famous woman's life in this book, readers also become truly inspired by her life and zeal. Good nonfiction writing can not only inform you of the details of someone's life, it also can be intriguing and compelling.
Recipe a la
Julia Child a Life
In Julia Child's kitchen, she had a peg board where she traced the outline of her pots so it would be easier to put them away.
Julia also had a magnetic board where she stored her knives for easy access. She LOVED her knives.
Julia's kitchen is on display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. It was completely dismantled and and then reassembled exactly how she had it.
This Prezi presentation is by Ellie Keck. Bon Appétit!
Julia was 6.2 feet tall.
She was against vegetarians and thought it ridiculous to have any diet restrictions on purpose.
Through one of her television series she used 753 pounds of butter total.
She survived breast cancer
Her last meal was of French onion soup- which she always loved the smell of.
She lived to the age of 91 soon to be 92.
Julia and Paul were married for 48 years and never had children.
What was Learned-
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