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a biography of the movie zombieland!!!!!

Kathrine Constant

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Zombieland

TOP 20 RULES! 1.Cardio
2.Double tap
3.Beware of
4.Dont be a hero(later
cross out and be a hero)
5.get a kick butt partner!
6.Bounty paper towels
7.Bowling Ball
8.Limber up
9.Wear seatbelts
10.With your bare hands
11.no attachments
12."the Skillet"
13.travel light
14.Don't swing low
15.Pack your stain stick (Tide to go!)
16.It's a marathon, not a spirnt, unless it's a sprint then sprint!
17.Always carry a change of underwear!
18.Use your foot
19.A little sunscreen never hurt anybody!
20.Always carry a banjo Characters:
Little Rock SUMMARY:
Two months After a strain
of mad cow disease has
turned humans into Zombies,
a college student named
Columbus is on his way to
find his parents. He then
meets Tallehasse after he
has been in an accident.
Tallehasse is in search of the worlds last twinky.
The two then meet sisters Witchita and Little Rock who are on they're
way to Pacific Playland. The sisters steal their truck and weapons. Tallehasse and Columbus later find another truck loaded with weapons. They meet the girls again and suggest a truce when they try to steal their stuff again. the group travel to pacific playland and go to Bill Murrays house. Columbus and Witchita kiss, fearing attachment Witchita leaves and she and Little rock goto Pacific Playland. While there with all lights and rides on they attract zombies. Columbus and Tallehasse go after them. Tallehasse Single-handedly kills all the zombies while Columbus rescues the girls who are trapped on the "Tower of Terror." Actors:
Woody Harrelson
Jesse Eisenberg
Emma Stone
Abigail Breslin
Bill Murray Critic Reviews Zombieland of 2009,
was liked by 87% of
people who watched it!

Cliff Doerkson from the Chicago reader said:
"Scattershot but sharp, this postapocalyptic road comedy gives Shaun of the Dead a run for its money."
Ruth McCann of the Washington Post said: "Wildly implausible, slightly scary and plot-lite though Zombieland is, it stands to add a few comic bons mots to popular parlance." Zombieland Production Zombieland was Produced by Gavin polone and
written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.
the film was directed by Ruben Fleischer.
filming began in Hollywood and later moved
to many different places in Georgia. Zombieland was released to
theaters on october 2nd, 2009.
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