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Why Plastic is Good for the Environment?

No description

Sophie C

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Why Plastic is Good for the Environment?

Why Plastic is Good for the Environment?
It is Recyclable!
fleece clothing (25 bottles can make one piece of clothing)
furniture (out chairs/benches)
outdoor signs
Recycled Bridge
In Peeblesshire, Scotland is longest bridge made out of recycled plastics. it is made from 50 tones of plastic it can hold up to 40 tonnes of weight.
because it is lightweight (as clearly shown in the picture), doesn't rust, rot or smash, and can be flattened to take up less room it is more efficient to transport
producing a plastic bag takes less energy then it does to produce a paper bag
plastic foam insulation saves 9500 million litres of heating oil each year
Conserving Natural Resources
Helping Plants
adjusts temperatures
creates certain climates
now can produce summer fruits/vegetables all year
doesn't cost energy to heat up enclosures
plastics pots can change drainage levels
Plastic Limbs
Plastic limbs help animals and Humans lives when a limb is lost. these invention can help them in so many way like bringing back mobility and looks.
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Plastic can be recycled, re-molded and re-used.
it is very strong, can be stronger than steel.
it is durable, flexible and long-lasting.
it makes planting and throwing rubbish away easier
it doesn't cause water pollution.
Plastic also doesn't cause deforestation unlike paper products
it is lightweight so uses less energy therefore less money to transport
before plastic only clay, pottery and glass could be moulded

It's Everywhere!
We use plastic for so many things;
it is in our mobile phones
our drinking cups
water bottles
babies dummies
soles of tennis shoes
insulation for buildings
playground equipment
public bins and benches
Plastic is even in our toothpaste
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