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Carbon Footprint

Science 1206 project

Emma Fifield

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Carbon Footprint

Vegetables Meat Cheese Dough Sauce Vehicles are used to transport many of the ingredients and materials needed to make the pizza, and pizzas are sometimes delivered. Factories are also used to produce some of the materials (plastics for example) used in the making of pizzas. Transportation and factories. Pizza Pesticides sprayed on plants. Plastic used to wrap and package vegetables. Plastic May have been used to wrap the meat Forest Clearing Trees may have been cut to make room for animals to graze. Cows Cause more methane to be released into the atmosphere. Plastic May have been used to wrap the cheese. Pesticides Tomatoes Used to spray the tomatoes used to make the pizza sauce. Plastic or other materials used to package the tomato sauce. Grains needed to make the dough. Pestcides Clearing Land may have been cleared to make room for crops for the grain used to make the dough. Sprayed on crops of grains used to make the dough. Machines may be used to clear the land. They use fossil fuels and produce carbon dioxide. Machines used to clear the trees, produce carbon dioxide. Ovens Needed to bake the pizza. They use electricity which increases carbon dioxide emmissions.
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