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Values in Colonial America

No description

Jon Springer

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Values in Colonial America

A cooperative project by Jon Springer, Kyle Palmer, Emily Gillen, and Natalie Barry Values of Colonial America Political Values Money is the second biggest value because the colonists needed money to buy the land they wanted. Economic Values SOCIAL VALUES Single women and widows could own property, file lawsuits and run businesses. Most people valued religion, it was really important in colonial America. If someone had a different look on religion they were not welcome. All of the colonies permitted slavery As more people came over to the United States, religions of all kinds took over. There were a lot of black people coming over, but they were not sold directly for slavery. Married women could not own property; only the husbands could. Soon the husbands could not sell or mortgage their land/property without their wives signature on the contract. The colonists most important value was freedom. Farming wasn't great in New England, the mountains and hills did not make great land to farm on. The soil did not help, it was either very dry or too moist for good crops to grow. Teachers in colonial America made their students read the bible in school. The colonists would have church and town meetings with their families and neighbors. It was important to keep in contact for government and business matters. The colony of Virginia had a "slave code," which all colonies soon adopted Colonial American Coin Signing of The Declaration of Independence Social Life in Colonial America Slavery in Colonial America Pennsylvania was the first colony to disallow slavery If a farmer needed something he could borrow it from his neighbor and then return work for his neighbor to pay off his dues. Trading/bartering was very important to the common farmer if the crops were good that year. Works Cited

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