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The History of Wicca

No description

Dylan Bee

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of The History of Wicca

By Dylan Beyler History Of Wicca What Is Wicca? Wicca is a Northern european Pagan religion that is basted on having a god and a goddess, the religion however did start around 1960s, but some sources pre-date back to the Christian era, most Wiccans believe in the more modern side of Wicca. What Is A Pagan? A pagan is someone holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions, Pagans do not have anything to do with Christianity what so ever, Pagans pursue there own vision and don't conform to certain teachings. they have rules however but most pagans are considered to be "free-thinkers" Paganism inherits: nature, worship, and bringing respect to both the god and goddess. Paganism represents spiritual growth and renewal, Earth is considered sacred to much pagans also. Wicca's Start Wicca started in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, a ex-british servant, the religion was considered to be witchcraft. but it can be dated back to the paleolithic days when carvings of the horned god and a pregnant goddess are seen, the goddess, who is related to the moon becomes more apparent as the phases of the moon change around 7500 BC, the horned god is known for hunting and farming until the seasons change later on. More About Wicca Wicca played a strong influence on the Celtics, a dominant race in Europe which was passed down from generation to generation and four major festivals were derived from the Celts: Samhain: the end of the summer and the celebration of Halloween, Imbolic: The first day of the lambing season after winter, Beltane: Fire celebration of the return of the power of the sun. and Lughnasadh: Festival of the god of light.

Paganism was suppressed by a church and had become known around the renaissance time. Modern Wicca In 1990, series like "The Craft" and Charmed have been potraying Wicca and other witchcraft in the media, but quite honestly Wicca isn't quite always focused on the magic rituals, It focus on tradition, celebration, and diversity. Wicca represents acceptance, peace, love, and creativity. A lot of Wicca is inspired in art, old or modern.

Wicca has nothing to do with Satanism either, Wicca in Britan and the US is very different and a lot of the teachings in Britan are inspired by the original starting teaches in 1954. Witchcraft is a tool or system of oneself, spells, prayers, and rituals are introdused as well which help give offering to the god and goddesses, every traditional holiday Wiccans create "altars" or religious offerings which can feature: a statue, flowers, a spice, or a dagger. There are no rules as long as your being kind and showing the god and goddess who you really are. Wiccan View- ( Four Elements) Wiccans worship a constructed circle and its four elements are Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Air and Fire represent the male persona, and Water and Earth represent the female persona, Wiccans see the water as an emotional cycle and a season of fall, the Earth is represented as a bowl of salt, and stands for winter, silence, and death. The fire is represented as a wand or candle and stands for summer, and Air represents a sword and stands for spring. Symbolism There are about 7 tools in Wicca that represent the Wiccan "Symbolism".

1. The Athame-A dull dagger use to cut energy ( the air)
2. The Pentacle-A five pointed star that represents Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and even Spirit.
3. The Chalice- A cup that represents the water.
4. The Triquetra-A Celtic design of love and has three cornered designs in the circle.
5. The Wand-Used to direct energy, also considered to represent fire or air.
6. The Broom-Is used to sweep negative energy in the room, and Wiccans jump over the broom when they get married to clear negative energy.
7. The Candle- Candles represent light and energy ( used alot in altar decorations.) Lastly-A Wiccans Procedure For Ritual Practice * Cleaning sacred space with water and herbs.
* Forming the pentagram circle in ritual.
* Calling the four elements
* Invoking the god and goddess.
* Drawing down of the sun and moon.
* Perform magical work
* Give thanks, gifts, food, etc.
* Close up and thankful prayer and cleanup. Thanks :) Thank you for watching everybody, Why I wanted to pick this topic is because I wanted to teach people who don't know much about Witchcraft and tell them things they probably didn't no before and to hopefully give a more accepting view of it because it is a very miss understood religion or a way of life.

Overall, Wicca represents: nature, acceptance, independence, and creativity.

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