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Water For Elephants Sara Gruen

No description

bridget gibbs

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Water For Elephants Sara Gruen

Joliet is where The Fox Brothers circus collapses and the Benzini Brothers get Rosie the elephant. On the way to Joliet they run out of food and water for the animals.
Joliet, Illinois
Saratoga Springs,
New York
Utica is where Jacob has his first day on work for the circus. His job that day entailed shoveling out the animal stalls, assisting in herding people inside the tents and keeping out the peeping toms from Barbra's show. Utica is where Jacob meets Uncle Al and earns a job as a vet.
Utica, New York
Norwich is a city in New York, its population is 7190. The city has a total area of two square miles. There are only a few defined neighborhoods and its positioned on Route 12 between Utica and Binghamton.

Home Town (Norwich, New York)
The residence of Cornell is a safe, comfortable place to live. It is said that Cornell is a quiet place but never boring. "I don't think I have ever been anywhere in the United States that had so many people with so many different interests." -Janet Reno student of Cornell

Cornell University (Ithaca New York)

Water For Elephants Sara Gruen
Cornell is where Jacob went to university to become a licensed veterinarian. This then led him to being a vet for the circus.
It is where he was notified about his parents deaths. Which made him leave school and join the circus.
It is where he met his first love Catherine. He later realized this wasn’t love it was infatuation, he learns what love is when he meets Marlena.

“I studied veterinary sciences. …Vet school? You’re a vet? … What collage? Cornell.”
Pg. 59 -August and Jacob

Hannah and Bridget
The Route to Rosie
Norwich was where Jacob was born, and where he grew up. Jacob lived with both his parents, until they died in a tragic car accident. Their house was foreclosed against Jacobs will. After Jacob leaves his beloved home in Norwich, he never returns.
"I...will leave Ithaca and join my fathers veterinary practice in Norwich" pg 15 -Jacob

Utica's population is 62,235 and its area is 42.99 km². Utica is said to have small city charm and offers its residence lots of industries, affordable housing, and extraordinary recreational opportunities.

"We land in Utica in the morning. I'll take you to see Uncle Al." pg. 28 - Camel
Saratoga Springs is where the circus stops to preform its next show, but Uncle Al hears about The Fox Brothers Circus that collapsed in Joliet. He makes the men pack up what they had unloaded and head to find more acts. The towns people of Saratoga are furious.
Saratoga has an area of 111.1 km² and a population of 5,141 people. Saratoga's motto is "Health, History, Horses" and its nickname is "The Spa City" or "Toga."
"And so despite the fact that our posters are all over Saratoga Springs...we are tearing down and moving out." pg. 78 -Jacob
Joliet has a population of 148,402. It is located 64 km southwest of Chicago and was first planned in the early 1830s
"Uncle Al craves real freaks...And that is the reason for our detour to Joliet" pg. 78 - Lottie
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