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The Gospel of Mark

No description

Brittany Long

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Gospel of Mark

By Brittany long The Gospel of Mark Chapter 1 Chapter 5 Reign of God The Proclamation of John the Baptist John the Baptist proclaims a repentance for the forgiveness of sins.People come to him to be baptized The Reign of God is that by being baptized we can follow in Jesus' footsteps. Jesus' example of willpower shown by not allowing the devil to tempt him proves to us that we can't blame temptation for our actions, rather our wrong choices or decisions. The Baptism of Jesus Jesus came from Nazareth and was baptized by John in the River Jordan. Just as he was coming out of the water, he saw the heavens part and a spirit descended saying "You are my Son, the Beloved" The Temptation of Jesus A spirit drove Jesus out into the wilderness. He was there for forty days, tempted by Satan. Jesus calls the First Disciples Jesus was passing along the Sea of Galilee, when he spotted Simon and his brother Andrew casting a fishing net into the sea. Jesus said to them "Follow me and I will make you fish for people". Immediately they left their nets and followed him. He then saw James and his brother John, he called them and they followed him. Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Reign of God The Reign of God is that the Sabbath can not stop the will of hunger. Everyone needs to eat, no matter what the circumstances. Jesus' example of healing the paralytic, shows that we need to help people in desperate times Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Reign of God Is it lawful to do good or to do harm on the Sabbath, to save life or to kill? Would you go against what's not dutiful on the Sabbath to save a life or take away one by not healing on the Sabbath. Think about it. Reign of God While the mustard seed when sown upon the ground is the smallest seed, when it grows up it becomes the greatest of all shrubs. Think of grain as God's message, it falls on sand and doesn't grow, these people are told God's message but don't use it, it falls in thorns and is choked, these people hear it but don't recognize it, it then falls in amongst some rocks and dries up, these people hear God's word and are overjoyed but have no root, so therefore the message dries up, and finally it falls on good soil, these people hear the word and spread it. God will judge you the way you judge others. Reign of God You don't need a doctor, if you have faith. Faith is the one good medicine for illness. Your faith will make you well. Have faith in God for he will help you during tough times and make you well. •Jesus and disciples in Galilee
•Man came out of burial caves, a man with an evil spirit
•Broke chains, don’t keep him, too strong!
•Screaming/cutting himself with stones
•He ran; fell on his knees, in front of Jesus
•“Evil spirits come out of this man”
•“My name is Mob, there is so many of us”
•Evil spirits went to the pigs, they then drowned, and the man was saved
•The people were afraid, villagers asked Jesus to leave
•Jesus told him to go home and tell his family about Jesus and God •A large crowd at the lake
•Jairus’ daughter is dying
•People crowded him
•A very sick lady came
•She touched his cloak, and was healed
•Jesus knew someone took his power
•The woman came forward and told the truth
•Jesus said “your faith has made you well” •Jesus says don’t be afraid
•Jesus hears crying and wailing
•Jesus says the child is only sleeping
•Takes her hand “little girl get up”
•She is healed Jesus heals a Gerasene demoniac Jairus’ daughter dies Jesus left that place and went home with his disciples. On the Sabbath he began to teach in a synagogue. But Jesus couldn't do many miracles as people didn't have faith. "Life will throw you challenges but if you are strong you will be able to overcome them." (by Chanelle Lubin) He sent the disciples out two by two and said to them "take with you only a walking stick and a pair of sandals". The disciples went about and preached that people should stop sinning.He said to them "if any place will not welcome you and they refuse to hear you, as you leave shake off the dust on your feet" Death of John the Baptist Herod's wife wanted John the Baptist dead,but Herod liked to listen to John. Herod liked his wife's daughters dancing and so one night a party he offered her ANYTHING she wanted. Unsure of what to say she asked her mother who said "John the Baptist's head on a plate" Herod had to do it, he gave it on a plate. Feeding the five thousand Jesus and his disciples were so busy that they had no time to eat, they were followed. There was a huge crowd, Jesus felt sorry for them. It was very late, the disciples told Jesus there is no food for the people. The disciples went and gathered all they could find, There was 5 loaves and 2 fish. The disciples divided people into groups of 100 and 50. Jesus broke the bread, looked up to heaven, then shared the bread and the fish with EVERYONE. After everyone had eaten there were still 12 baskets left over, and 5,000 people fed. Jesus walks on water Jesus and the disciples went to Bethsaida. Jesus wanted to pray alone. The disciples were on a boat from 3~6am. Jesus came to them walking on water, the disciples were very afraid. "It's a ghost" "Have courage! Don't be afraid! It's me!. Jesus got into the boat with them, immediately the storm stopped. People recognized Jesus and brought sick people to him. All who touched his cloak were healed. I may have a cloak of power but if you have faith you have the same equivalence as my cloak.
Faith Reign of God Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth C
r Mission of the 12 6
You may have power but you shouldn’t overuse it. Don’t worry about your food, worry about your actions. Have Faith in God for he will always be there to help you. Reign of God Chapter 7 Some Pharisees and scribes gathered around Jesus, they saw the disciples didn’t wash their hands in the proper way.They have many rules to follow.
“They honour me with their words but not their hearts”
Make sure you respect your father and your mother.
Nothing that you eat makes you unclean
What comes out makes you unclean, evil from your heart, it doesn’t go into your heart, it is what comes out from the inside. Tradition of the elders Chapter 8 The demand for a sign Reign of God Only those who don't believe ask for a sign,If you die for me, you save yourself.
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