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Potency, antacids and Taxol

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Potency, antacids and Taxol

Potency, antacids and Taxol
I have had surgery and I am in pain...please prescribe something for me but give me warnings
Heroin v Cocaine
Strong analgesics interfere with pain transmission at the brain/spinal chord junction. And Weak analgesics do what?
Heroin is more euphoric because it contains diester side groups which are mores soluble than morphine in fats and so can more easily pass through the blood/brain barrier. Cocaine contains POLAR - OH side groups which CANNOT pass through the blood/brain barrier.
the amine group can also be reacted with HCl. This can make a soluble salt that can be injected straight into bloodstream and then it reverts to its original form at the blood/brain barrier. This increases what?
SL/HL To know the relative potency of heroin and cocaine
SL/HL To know How antacids regulate the pH of the stomach
HL To know the use of Taxol and chiral auxiliaries
Watch the board
Watch the board
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