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1971's Bangladesh Genocide

No description

MarQuetta Hall

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of 1971's Bangladesh Genocide

Bangladesh Genocide
MarQuetta Hall
Xavier Norris
May 3rd 2013
West Pakistan milita
Why this Happened?
West Pakistan attempted to destroy forces seeking independence.
So their military started this genocide.
Goal: Kill millions of Bengali
Soviets POW's
The Holocaust
Genocide in Rwanada
After the genocides with...
They became eager and influenced
8 Stages of Genocide
They chose Bengali people
to stop forces seeking independence.
First- They went for the young able-bodied males
Some even call it a gender-cide at first.
No Males were safe in the early part of this genocide.
-kinda like the Nazi procedure towards Jewish males
West Pakistan military men had no mercy
They compared Bengalis people to monkeys and chickens.
This is one of the most centrally organized genocides.
It was organized by West Pakistan Government officials
Yahya Khan
Tikka Khan
-Chief of staff
General Pirzada
5. Polarization
Anyone in that part of the country was killed
Some fled to prevent being killed
No one was safe from West Pakistan military
6. Preparation
Bengali people
Hindu people
They denied they were human
Mass exterminations were being organized.
7. Extermination
They began mass killings.
Raided villages and public places.
Killed with guns, Slaughtered, Bayonets, and acid poison
Women were raped then killed
Atrocities against Bengali Women
During the early stages of this genocide
Girls 8- 75 year old women were sexually assaulted
In raids they captured thousands to use nightly
some raped up to 8 times a night
8. Denial
They denied all acquisitions of killing them
They don't feel inhuman because they don't believe they killed humans
First Mission: Young Men
They didn't discriminate against any of the men.
Usually killed ones they could join the resistance.
Bodies were found in fields, rivers, streams, and in army camps
Although Hindus were killed on the spot
This happened in Decca
Then the massive killings started night after night.
One that is the most gruesome was
Chucknagar :
Largest genocide during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971
May 10th 1971
at 10am 2 trucks of Paki troops stopped there
They began to open fire to the public with LMG's and semi automatic rifles
In a couple minutes the whole town was dead
How Did it End
Lasted 267 Days (9 months)
West Pakistan killed almost 3 million people in this genocide.
Ending this Civil War on December 16
West Pakistan surrendered
This was Bangladesh's first independent parliament
Awami Leader:
Sheikh Mujib was the leader of this victory.
Awami League defended East Pakistan
President Yahya Khan thought the Awami League was a threat to his government. So that's How this Civil War really started.
They also wanted to govern East Pakistan and make it into Bangladesh.
Many fled from the country and some joined the resistance
They made them feel non-human
Symbolized them by their color and race
East Pakistan Symbolized them as The Resistance
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