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tech prezi

No description

Brandon Nakamoto

on 28 May 2016

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Transcript of tech prezi

the goals of blocks world is to make the best game ever and become the top game maker in blocks world
Is a game where you use your mouse to control the snakes. You can sign in to twitter or Facebook but not actually log in but just click on it and go back will give you the skins.
block world Is a game where you can make challenging games for other people to play. Or where you can play other worlds and like them.

the type of game blocks world is is called and fps which is first person shooter .
blocks world
the rules of blocks world is to make the best game or play other games and win them. When you make a game make it so you and the other players can win the game.
the components are blocks triangles other shapes , and weapons and armor and vehicles , and machines.
there are no barriers in blocks world unless you make them. in blocks world there are tons of space with out barriers
in most games there is a weakness like zombies eating you or metal that you are touching you. to avoid things like that try to get away from it by going away from it or killing it.
the goals of slither is to become the number one player in the charts and kill all of the other snakes.
the space of slither is big but there are barriers but if you touch them you will die.
every body's weakness is touching other snakes sides and if you do that you die and you will give a players mass to somebody else near there.
the components in the game is the skin you are waring and all the little dots of mass that are laid across the map, and the other snakes.
the rules are to kill other snakes and to become the top snake their is really no cheating in this game besides hacks.
slither is a 2d game. where you can see other players from a top view of the game.
Roblox is a game where you can look up games and play them it either can be an fps or third person.
the goals of roblox are to make the best game and play other games and win them
the space of roblox is big without barriers unless you put them there. you can make the space cramped or spaced out.
the components in roblox are the blocks and machines and weapons and armor and ect in the game.
every body's weakness is getting killed by an enemy player if you are playing a game where someone kills you.
the rules are that there is no spamming in the text and no cheating.
the type of game roblox is a
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