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Lena Ibadoul

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Goedehoop

11% of population infected with HIV/AIDS in South Africa/Sub-Saharan Africa
- affects labor supply
AASA: Anglo-American South Africa
Dr. Brian Brink, Senior VP
Goedehoop Colliery's high success Main Problem
How to enforce testing and prevent new infections at AASA business units by becoming as proactive as Goedehoop The Challenges Goedehoop's Success 5GH elements
education & awareness
care, support, & treatment
personal protection
successfully reduced number of new infections by 47% between 2005 and 2006
commitment from management: John Standish-White Local sex industry & prostitution
Risky behavior of mine workers
Mine workers are far away from family, often for prolonged periods of time
Privacy issues with testing and records
Wide-spread availability of sex education Assumptions Testing for HIV alters workers' behavior
Goedehoop is truly improving the lives of their workers and society
There is measurable productivity improvements and better company cohesiveness
Benefits of increased productivity outweigh the costs of implementing company-wide HIV/AIDS testing and treatment
Support from partners will continue into the future The Facts 20% of the population in AASA's area of operations are affected by HIV/AIDS Overlook & Recommendations AASA Starts AIDS
Campaign 1990 2005 VCT Testing at Goedehoop is at 5% VCT at Goedehoop is at 98% 2003 0.355 million AIDS-related deaths in South Africa 2006 18% of AASA employees are HIV positive; 2.1 million AIDS-related deaths in SA 2007 Jan: Build AASA networks with other mines, iNGOs, GOs (45 days)

Feb: Host conference "AIDS: Our Most Preventable Business Risk"

March: Deadline for volunteering for 5GH; Review metrics programs 2008
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