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Speak2Me Lean Canvas

A template adapted from LeanCanvas.com which was in turn adapted from The Business Model Canvas (BusinessModelGeneration.com)

Hung Tu

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Speak2Me Lean Canvas

Problem Solution Key Metrics Existing Alternatives Unique Value Proposition High Level Concept Unfair Advantage Channels Customer Segments Early Adopters Revenue Streams Cost Structure Speak2Me Time and place issues in tandem learning

High cost for private teachers

Difficulties in learning vernacular and native accent from books

Getting embarrassed by making mistakes in group sessions Match-up of learners

"Anyone can be a teacher"

One-on-one interactions with native speakers

An inexpensive, flexible and exciting way to learn to speak the "real languages"

A friendly online platform for learning, communicating and growing together Partnership with Universities and Businesses

Safe and secured learning environment

Rating system Number of active users

Amount of virtual money spent

Customers' life cycles

Conference hours per user per day Language schools


Direct sales

Leisure time activities Students (18-25)

Businessmen (25-35)


Retirees Margin on each transaction

(Affiliate advertisement for publishers) Maintenance personnel

Marketing personnel


In-house salary Face-to-face tandem

eTandem (Verbling)

Conventional learning software Your reliable matchmaker in learning languages. Students Adapted from LeanCanvas.com which is in turn adapted from The Business Model Canvas (BusinessModelGeneration.com) 21 Feb 2013
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