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Special Effects Makeup and Prosthetics

No description

Emma-Lyn Pierce

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Special Effects Makeup and Prosthetics

What is Special Effect Makeup?
Used in Films
Has A thicker Conistency
Aids Computerized Special effects
Ex: Melhorn Theature Makeup
Cosmetology License recommended
Joe Blasco Schools: California, made for Special effects
Possibility to make $18,000-102,000 per year
Work Independently or with a company
Lon Chaney
"Man of a thousand

The First...
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3. "How to Use Your StageFrights Prosthetic." Stage Frights. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Apr. 2014.
Can be foam, Silicon, and latex
Can be used to create a wound or some extension of the body
Ex: Wicked Witches Nose
See Brochure
Lord of the Rings

Special Effects Makeup and Prosthetics
Wizard of Oz
Used many types of prosthetics and makeup techniques with Hobbits and Orcs
The Walking Dead
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