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Why dogs are good companions

No description

Carolyn Koetter

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Why dogs are good companions

Dogs are a mans best friend they are very protective and warn you of danger. They are also very easily trained and are fun to play with. They are very fast and can keep you in good shape let us tell you a little more about dogs.
Also dogs will help you with whatever you need when you are sick or injured. They can also help you in sports like soccer and baseball. They will also come to your bed to sleep with you and comfort you. If you don't have anyone else to talk to you can talk to your dog. They can also keep you company when you go on long business trips or when you go on vacation.
Dogs are the best companions.They can help with sports or even help in sled racing.They also can keep you company on long car rides or talk to you when you have no one to talk to.That is why dogs are good companions.
Why dogs are good companions
Dogs are very happy, playful, and nice as you see.
They can also help search for missing people or even enter in shows. Even when something happens to them or their owner they always show love and joy. They also know before anybody else if someone is hurt or injured. We personally love how when you leave your dog alone for a few minutes they get really calm and peaceful.
Dogs are also very soft and furry so you can cuddle up with them. They can also help you with hunting and even with art work. They can also help you with racing like sled racing in Alaska. They can get you money by doing tricks or entering dog shows. They can also help with your homework.
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