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Urban Problems In Kolkata

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Ella Walter

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Urban Problems In Kolkata

Urban Problems In Kolkata
Lack of Services
Poorer areas of Kolkata suffer from a lack of basic services
Many in Kolkata do not have basic necessities such as clean water, electricity, education, medication and rubbish-collection facilities. There is a great inequality between the wealthy and the poor in Kolkata. The wealthy refuse to donate or help the poor living on the outskirts of their city.
Litter Build Up
For years there has been a large buildup of litter around the slums of Kolkata.
Many people end up living in the rubbish
This has had a large impact on pollution and diseases spreading
Asthma is a very common disease due to the amount of smog in the atmosphere
Life in a Bustee
Life inside a bustee can be a very plain, difficult life.
The houses are built mainly out of concrete blocks and old timber. They have corrugated iron roofs and an earth floor.
They consist of one room where the family eat, sleep and live.
During the summer months heavy monsoon rain can wash sewage from the open drains into the people's dwellings.
Most of the people work very dangerous jobs, like making fireworks. They get paid very little.
The people living in bustees tend not to complain about their homes as there are pavement people who have no shelter. So the bustee people consider themselves lucky.
Shanty Towns
Inadequate Services
Where is Kolkata
Kolkata is a city located in India.
It contains almost 15 million people.
It is one of India's largest and most rapidly
growing cities.
The size and population of this city has led
to many problems

Millions of people migrate from all over India to live in Kolkata in search of a better life.
Most migrants are poor and are forced to live in slums called shanty towns or bustees.
These shanty towns are spreading around the edges of the city
Because it developed so quickly its shanty towns development was very unplanned.
It consists of narrow alleyways and 'shack' like houses that are closely packed together.
Water Supply
In the poor shanty towns of Kolkata there is a serious lack of clean water.
It is very common for up to 40 families to share a single street tap.
Many 'pavement people' have no no choice but to drink the unfiltered water from the streets causing many illnesses like diarrhea, which is a very serious illness to get in Kolkata.
Proper sanitation facilities, such as flush toilets, are very rare in the bustees .
All waste runs through the open sewage systems in the narrow lanes.
Heavy monsoon rain can cause the sewage to wash the waste into the water supplies and also people's homes.
This is one of the main reason for illnesses in Kolkata

Bustee Schools
The bustee schools are poorly built due to lack of funds.
They are very badly equipped.
Many of the classrooms do not have seats, tables or desks.
Only the children with slightly more money can afford textbooks.
Therefore it is very difficult for children to make progress in school.
Public Transport
Although Kolkata has an underground rail system, public transport is generally poor.
Buses tend to be old and so overcrowded that passengers are forced to hang out the side or sit on top.
This can be very dangerous but there is no laws protecting people from these hazards.
Some people are so poor that they cannot afford the services provided
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