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Jack in the Box - MGT

No description

Tom Gray

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Jack in the Box - MGT

William Anderwald
Jorge Chavarria
Thomas Gray
Christian Lozano
Lindsey Reiland Questions..? History 1951 Jack in the Box grew and started opening more restaurants in other cities.The first restaurants out of California were opened in Phoenix, Houston & Dallas. 1960 Under a change in ownership, Jack in the Box expanded incredibly. It grew from a couple of restaurants to about a thousand restaurants in ten years. Foodmaker Co. concentrated in opening more restaurants in the western area of the United States due to better success in the western region. 1970's Foodmaker Co. started an advertising campaign that would turn out to be very successful. They gave life to “Jack,” the round face that came out of the box. Jack was now the supposed CEO and pitchman for the Jack in the Box commercials. The Jack figure was a total success. It was made into a toy to be placed on cars’ antennas and even into PEZ dispensers. “Jack” has been greatly accepted and there have been more than five million “Jack” items sold since 1995. 1995 Present day Today there are more than 2,200 Jack in the Box restaurants in eighteen states. The company continues to thrive, with a successful marketing campaign and a recent redesign of their logo and store design. Robert O. Peterson,
a businessman from San Diego,
opens the first Jack in the Box
serving burgers for just 18 cents. Corporate Culture “We will be a national restaurant company of most admired brands.”

(Jack in the Box company vision) "We don’t make it until you order it." This trademark phrase applies to all menu items. Burger, Taco etc. 4

1. Passion for our brands
2. Food quality and safety
3. Continuous improvement and innovation
4. Care, respect and personal accountability The company believes that these four values
account for their 5% growth every year Helps children in need by funding different programs to help benefit them. Site Visit Organizational
Chart The actual Chairman and CEO of the company since October of 2005 is Linda A. Lang Jack Box is the fictious founder, CEO, and ad spokesman for the chain. Since 1995 Jerry P. Rebel is the Executive Vice President and the CFO of the company since October of 2005. Phillip H. Rudolph is the Executive Vice President since February 2010 and General Counsel and Corporate Secretary since November 2007 Terri F. Graham is the Senior Vice President and CMO of the company since September of 2007. Graham started with the company in 1998 as director of marketing services. S.W.O.T Viral Marketing Funny Ad + Viral Future of Jack in the Box Further expansion
More viral marketing
Menu Item expansion Recommendation Memorable Marketing Global expansion to better compete with McDonalds, Burger King etc. Employment
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