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Industrial Revolution

By; Jacob Winters Andrew Danks

Vladmir Omkaff

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution

Coal mines
Agricultural places like getting cocoa and bananas
The Industrial Revolution
Child Labor

Why child labor was a problem
In the Industrial Revolution many kids were being forced to work. In 1900 about 18% of all workers were under the age of 16. There was a very increased need for workers when there were so many new products people wanted to buy.
Where did they work?
What types of child labor were there?
Child labor ranged from mining to producing other objects such as clay pots
By Jacob Danks and Andrew Danks
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Danger of Child Labor
Child labor was incredibly dangerous with injuries coming from all areas of work. Some risks were;
Lung disease
Loss of fingers
Hearing loss
Being crushed to death
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Why Child Labor laws were implemented
In America child labor laws were put into place because of the Great Depression. Many adults wanted all available jobs to go to adults instead of children.
Child labor now
Child labor is still a problem now, although not nearly as large. Kids around the world are being forced into work because their family couldn't buy food without them working. Even as there are laws against it, it still happens around the world.
When did child labor start?
Child labor was started around the 1800's, which was about the same time the Industrial Revolution started.
4 Child Laborers in a coal mine
In 1938 the Supreme Court decided that federal laws regulating and taxing goods by employees under the age of 14 and 16 were unconstitutional, meaning that it was now up to state laws to choose whether or not there were still kids under this age working
The end of child labor
What can be done to stop child labor?
Multiple websites are dedicated to end child labor world wide, for example;
The Great Depression
In 1932 the great depression sent many workers jobless. at this point the american people cried out and said that they wanted all available jobs to go to adults bringing about the start of the end of child labor in the United States.
Civil war
Children were employed for tasks such as creating bullets and guns for the army in the civil war for both armies.
Thank you for watching
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