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The Positive and Negative Effects that the French had on the

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on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Positive and Negative Effects that the French had on the

The Positive and Negative Effects that the French had on the First Nations
Learned French
Created military alliances
Negative Effects
Positive Effects
The French helped the Huron to establish strong, multi-racial communities
Forcefully converting them to Christianity, causing them to lose their unique heritage
They could now have items that were made by the Europeans (guns, metal pots etc.)
The fur trade was started
Villages were destroyed over furs
First Nations became dependent on the Europeans' goods
They killed lots of beaver to give the pelts to the Europeans
Caused wars between First Nations tribes because they were fighting over trading furs
Diseases: Tuberculosis, measles, cholera, typhus, influenza, and smallpox: killed ½ the population
They discovered alcohol and some of them became drunkards
Stronger rivalries
Lots of resources were used up by the Europeans
There both many positive and negative effect on the first Nations when the Europeans came. A positive was that the first Nations got lots of different metal things like firearms, knives and tools and pots. The First Nations also traded furs with the Europeans creating the fur trade. The Europeans established military alliances with the tribes from North America.
Unfortunately, the Europeans also caused some negative effects on the First Nations. When they came, they brought many diseases unknown to the natives such a smallpox and tuberculosis, and they did not know how to cure them. This killed about half of the population. The Europeans also used up a lot of their resources, like wood to make canoes. When trading the beaver pelts, they killed a lot of beavers and they almost went extinct. The trade between the Europeans caused many of the First Nations to become dependent on the new items. Also during the trades, the First Nations discovered alcohol. Many of their villages were destroyed fighting for the furs. They caused many wars between the First Nations as well. The Europeans forced some of the Natives to Christianity.


a happy population
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