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Ward 10

No description

Prajwol Bhandary

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Ward 10

By: Prajwol
JACK Thank you for listening to our presentation and hope you will Give us a
POPEYES STORE IN WARD 10. As we can see in the map Ward
is connected with two wards in the
location where we wanted our
Franchise. WARD 10 Ethnic Culture Income Location There are ten wards in
Brampton. And we choose
Ward 10 to put the new
franchise of Popeyes. Area Ward 10 is the largest
ward in Brampton with an
area of 78 square km. So because ward 10 is the biggest ward in Brampton, it will have more space for future and houses and there will be more space for more dwellings and the more houses there are the more population there will be. Ward 10 has the second largest population in Brampton after Ward 6 but Ward 10 has more single people than Ward 6 and single people prefer to go to fast food restaurants and families go to family restaurants . Ward 10 has more cultures that eat meat more than the others that have more Asians who are mostly vegetarians, so there will be more customers for Pop-eyes who eat meat For our location we choose the the dotted area so that even the people from ward 9 and 7 can come to our store. If people from outside Brampton from east of Brampton to go to Brampton downtown or to the other city they are more likely to come across our store and they want to go to eat
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