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chapter 8

No description

Zakirul Amin II

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of chapter 8

Pa asks Richard why he turned down the part in the school show. Richard explains that it was unfair of classmates to gang up against Hannah. Ike Lewis(Abner’s father) has accused Richard of sidding with the Schermers, thus supporting the Germans in the war. Pa reminds his son Ike’s kindness and support when he broke his leg three years ago then states that the Schermers ‘are not our people’. Richard defends the Schermers. Pa blames Richard’s poetry for filling his head with’foolish ideas’. This makes Richard so sad he want to cry.

In January, Richard receives a sad letter from Kilmer, who misses Christmas at home with his family. Kilmer enjoys Richard’s poem about the oak tree and laments the distructions of the forests in France. To cheer Kilmer up,Hannah bakes cookies and her mother knits a scarf for him.

Despite bad news from the front, Mr Higby informs the class about the glimmers of hope through President Wilson’s initiative- the Peace Plan to end all wars throught a League of Nations. In spring, the tide of war seems to favour the Allies.

The school year ends with a picnic at Turtle Lake for everyone. Richard and Hannah share a picnic basket and a growing closeness. Hannah tells Richard about the skyscrapers, elevators and Chinatown of New York, the gypsy phrenologists, the many migrants, the dazzling array of food and the horse-drawn carriages.

Richard carves a heart and their initials R and H on the oak tree, but the brief romantic moment is broken when someone flings a stone at Hannah’s foot – another reminder of the reality of war and prejudice.

1. Courage and resilience
- Hannah turns down the role of Lady Liberty which she wanted very much even though she deserves it fairly

2. Truth, integrity and honor
- Richard tell his father the truth that he purposely misfired as he could not bear killing the beautiful buck

3. Compassion and understanding
- Joyce Kilmer understanding Richard's challenges and gives him a lot of encouragement and support

Most of the students ostracise Richard that autumn either intentionally or out of fear. He lets it be as he is getting closer to Hannah each day.

The Schermers’ home is an oasis of love for Richard. He is able to share his dreams and longings, his letters with Kilmer and his poems. In turn, they share with him their times of sadness and anxiety.

Richard Knight
-15 year old who lives on a farm in Iowa
-Blonde hair, tall , pale and slender , like his mother
-Quiet, sensitive, poetic, imaginative, loves nature and all living things, observant, mature, intelligent, independent, courageous, single-minded, outspoken, hardworking, persevering, helpful, compassionate, selfless,.
-Has a good sense of values- integrity,honesty
-A loner, a dreamer, does not really fit in with his community

Pa (Richard's father)
-Dark, brawny , broad back
-Did not finish high school , not interested in poetry and books, but shares interest in sports with Gus.
-Dilligent and dedicated farmer who truly loves his work.
-A good father
-Kind, observant and understanding, but is not very expressive.
-Reserved, quiet, private person

-A strict but dedicated English teacher
-Creative, compassionate, sensitive, tolerant, wise, honest, supportive, appreciative.
-Has initiative, a sense of humour.
-Keeps to her words, not easily swayed

Place: hannah's home (schemers') [safe haven for Richard where he can share his poetry, benefit from the more cultures German family and build a closer relationship with Hannah]
- classroom, Chicago, New York, Germany
The challenges of growing up
- Hannah faces the challenges of coming from a migrant German family, new to Iowa. Thus she has to endure the pain of ostracism and rejection by the majority of fearful, unreasonable classmates and country people
Humanity and friendship gives us hope
- being king to others when they are facing difficulty reveals the basic goodness of man, and underlines our humanity
Love, understanding and family relationships
- the schemer family in contrast is a more balanced and happy one There is joy, laughter, communication, music, singing, book and literature in their home

Where there is prejudice, there is no lesson
- Richard is unlike many irrational and biassed people in his community. He is logical, sensitive and perceptive. He continues to befriend Hannah and her family despite his family's comments
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