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Vak is poo

Vak J

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Poo

Area of pentagonal prism*

Area of pentagon bases:
Area of trapezoid:
24(base 1)+ 31(base 2)=55x23+1265/2=632.5cm3
Area of triangle:

Area of Rectangle Lateral Faces:


We used this design because 4 of our rolls would be inside, taking up no packaging space. It would really be 12 on the inside because the packaging would be 3 layers tall. Also, our design is easy to store in a regular household, and is easy to transport from manufacturer, to store, to home.
Our design is composed of 42 toilet paper rolls. The rolls are made in a pentagon shape with 4 rolls on the inside. The pentagonal sides are composed of 2 rolls. Our total size would be 3 layers tall.
Our Design
Why We Are Better Than You.
For the packaging, we save almost 200cm2 of packaging, or 2m2. Also, the shape is easy to store in a household because it takes up 12 rolls less room. This is because 12 rolls can not even be seen as they are on the inside of the shape, taking up no packaging space! This design is also beneficial because if you lay it on its side, it is only 33cm long, and 38cm high. Thus, our packaging is far superior than yours!
Grade 8 Meth Project Measurement!
Our Task
As the toilet paper business masters, we were selected by Soo Soft Toilet Paper to redesign a super family size package of toilet paper utilising 42 or 48 rolls.
When Toilets Attack
Coming Soon To Theaters
Final Conclusions
Be Prepared with Soo Soft Toilet Paper!
As you can see from these pictures, Compared to a Rectangular Prism we are saving so much space.

(Cross Promo)!
Ermahgursh Its shoooo Cuteeee I just wanna fluff it and hug it and love it forever.
Calculations Simplified
Pentagonal Prism;

Pentagonal Bases;
We divided the pentagon base into a trapezoid, and a triangle.

The triangle's area was 232.5cm2.
The trapezoid's area was 632.5cm2
The total area was 865cm2.
Then we multiplied it by 2 for the 2 bases
which equaled a total of

Lateral Faces;
The lateral faces are all the same, they are all rectangles.
we used Length (33) x Width (24) to find thier area and hen we muliplied it by 5.
33x24=792x5=3960 (all Lateral faces)

People with the old design.
People with our design.
The volume of a single toilet paper roll
is 100.48cm3
The volume of the old 42 roll box was 66528cm3, but our new design only has a volume of 32702.83cm3 with the SAME amount of toilet papr rolls!
We minimize the amount of wasted space!
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