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GFCF Diet. Research and Literature final presentation

No description

Jessica Sarah

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of GFCF Diet. Research and Literature final presentation

Jessica Fields GFCF Diet For Autistic Children An introduction to Autism and treatments WORK CITED "Neurobiological disorder that affects social, and language skills" (Merriam) Normal vs. Abnormal
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"Some Children With Autism May Benefit From A Gluten-Free, Casein Free Diet." Medical News Today. Medilexicon, n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2012. Interconnection - digestive system No cure Need for a simple and effective treatment. A holistic approach Thesis. Since diet can easily alter the biochemistry in an autistic brain, it is imperative that the Gluten Free- Casein Free diet be implemented into an autistic child’s life in order to achieve an equilibrium in the body to treat the behavioral symptoms of ASD. Digestive System Basics of the GFCF Diet Benefits of Diet Exchange of Chemicals Embedded Neurons Equilibrium Malfunctions Peptide Damaged Walls Blood transport Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Change chemicals Penn State research - pain tolerance Behavioral Problems The Leaky Gut "A common link between people who have ASD is gastrointestinal irritability" (Berton) Sensitivity Pain +Response Injuries Replacement Targets the cause Removing 2 step system Strict regiment Cross contamination Treating. vs. Hiding Inexpensive, sensible, accessible No negative side effects Decreases inflammation Allow for development Personal reflection Journals Preliminary Research http://www.facebook.com/pages/GFCFDietcom/106477592709432
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