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Melody Siebenmann

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of weather

Weather Water in the atmosphere Volcab words Evaporation: the process by which water molecules and water liquid escape into the air as water vapor Humidily: the measure of the amount of water vapor in the air Relative humidlity: the percengate of water vappor in the air compair to the maxium amount the air can hold. Psychrometer: measure relative humidlity Condensation: the process by which the molecules of water vapor in the air became liquid water. Dew Point: the temperature at which condensation begin. Cumumlous: clouds that look like fluffy, rounded pile of cotton. Stratus: clouds that formed in flat layers. Cirrus cloud: wispy feathery cloud. Info A psychrometer has two thermometers, a wet-buld thermometer. The bulb of the bulb thermometer and a dry-bulb thermometer. The bulb of the wet-bulb thermometer has a cloth covering that is moistened with thermometers. Because the wet-bulb. thermometer is cooled by evaporation, its reading drops below that of the dry-bulb thermometer. And that's how it measure humidity. Clouds of all kinds form when water vapor in the air becomes liquid water or ice crystal. Cumulus Cloud: Fluffy, rounded, and flat bottom Stratus: cover all or most of the sky, form in flat layers. Cirrus: wispy feathery cloud, form only at high levels above 6 kilometer. Cumulonimbus: thunderstorms cloud, cannot hold their water droplets, Chapter 5 info 5 types of common precipitation Rain hail Snow Sleet Freezing rain Meteorologists measure rainfall with a rain gauge. For precipitation to occur, cloud droplets or ice crystals must grow heavy enough to fallt hrough the air. Hail forms only inside cumulonimbus coulds during thunderstorms
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