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Occupational Therapy Assistant

No description

Madeleine Lampron

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Occupational Therapy Assistant

Personal Qualities and skills
This job can be physically demanding since the assistants help patients perform exercises throughout the day. This could involve supporting the patients weight, bending and lifting so you need to be physically fit.You are also communicating with people everyday so you need to be a good listener, patient, compassionate,understanding and you have to like helping people.

Education & training
A two year associates degree, the courses vary by what school you attend. A few courses you need to take are biology, psychology, kinesiology (the science of movement) and a few different courses of occupational therapy. Graduates have to pass a national board certification examination for the course, They also have to pass the certified occupational therapy assistant exam.

Fleming college
The Occupational Therapist Assistant And Physiotherapist Assistant Program
2 years in school

Queens university
Masters of Science Occupational Therapy Program
2 years in school

Georgian college
Occupational therapist assistant and physiotherapist assistant
2 years in school

range somewhere between $16 and $28 an hour.
Related Occupations

Athletic therapist
Personal care attendant
physiotherapy assistant
practical nurse
recreation therapist
rehabilitation Councellor
Prosthetist / Orthotist
A few things that made me interested in this job are....

I would get to help people who are physically or developmentally disabled, you have another person with you so if you were ever in a situation where you needed help you have them there and you aren't alone, you get to be active and do cool activities and help people grow and develop positive skills at the same time, I think its interesting how with this job you help different aged people with different disabilities and lastly you also get to be a part of helping them improve their quality of daily life skills.
Occupational Therapy Assistant
occupational therapy assistants work under the supervision of the occupational therapist or physiotherapist helping them with the treatment plans for individuals who are Physically or developmentally disabled. Occupational therapists can diagnose and prescribe certain treatments although occupational therapy assistants are mostly responsible for directly working with the patient to reach the treatment goals
recommended courses
-Grade 11 and 12 University/College (UC) Science
this will help prepare you for the program

-ossd / Ontario secondary school diploma
-2 College (C) English courses 2 College (C) Science courses
-(U) or (U/C) courses are also accepted

schools in Ontario and the name of the program for this job
earnings/ salary
Earnings for full-time employees typically fall somewhere between $33,000 and $52,000 a year depending on their employer, geographic location, and level of experience and education.

& OTAs who work full-time may receive benefits, such as paid sick days, vacation time, and dental coverage. Part-time employees don't usually receive benefits.
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