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Reiman Gardens

No description

Austin Trudeau

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Reiman Gardens

Improve accessibility

Enhance capability to view on mobile devices

Increase advertisement on the website 1. Problem at Reiman Gardens

2. Solutions Presented by our Team

3. Benefits from Implementing Solutions Reimans Gardens. (2013) Reiman gardens iowa state university.
Retrieved from: Benefits of Implementing Solutions Blooming Potential at Reiman Gardens Created By: HAJO Inc.
Ashley Halverson
Austin Trudeau
John Gooder
Olivia Hill Information is out of date

Hard to navigate

Dated design and interface Need for Website Redesign Feasibility Report on Increasing Attendance
at Reiman Gardens Website Redesign Solution Lack of Student-friendly Events (See appe Low amount of student centered activites

Low advertising of said activites

Low student awareness of benefits References Photo 1: Source: Reiman Gardens, 2013 Poor Relationship with the University Working with the University to reach students
The Iowa State Daily

Multiple benefits of this relationship Reiman Gardens and Iowa State operate seperately

They do not utilize eachothers strengths

Reiman Gardens is missing opportunities with the university Improving the Relationship with Iowa State SurveyMonkey. (2012). Generated from: Host more student-friendly events

Possible events for students:
More frequent "After Dark" events
Theme based couples nights

Better advertise these events to students:
Social media
Cymail Solutions for Student-Friendly Events Figure 1: Source: SurveyMonkey, 2012 Work with a website consulting firm to: Increase short-term attendance among students

Long-term increase in attendance/admissions

Educate students and community
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