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horses 9th period science prodject

No description

bailey faris

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of horses 9th period science prodject

HORSES by,Bailey Faris WERE DO HORSES LIVE? Horses can be domesticated or wild. Wild horses mostly live in grassy areas. Domesticated horses can live anywhere!! DEFENSE Horses can use their strong and powerful legs to scare or kick off foolish enemies WAY OF MOVEMENT Horses also use their legs to move from place to place. When it comes to work or play.... horses must use their legs day and night. THATS RIGHT!!! Horses sleep standing up! SHEDDING Horses shed just like other mammals. They grow their fur in the winter to keep them warm and then shed it in the summer to keep them cool! thats horse fur!!!! HOW THEY CARE FOR YOUNG Horses care for their young until they can live on their own. Horses produce milk to feed their young until they are old enough to eat grass. LEARNED OR INHABITED? LEARNED: How to be ridden
INHABITED: How to drink milk from their mother FUN FACTS!!!! Did you know that the first horses used by romans were arabians? Did you know that horses and humans are actually alot alike? ARABIAN DIFFERENT HORSES CLYDSTALE PAINT HORSE APPALOOSA THE END!!!! Arabians are known
for being affectionate
and a dished head
profile. The clydstale horse
breed is best known
for its size,over 18
hands,and their
hooves are the size
of dinner plates.
Along with the
arabian, they are
one of the most recognizable horse breeds. The American
Paint Horse is a
excellent horse for
ranch work,rodeos,
trail riding,showing,or
simply as a friendly
companion Apaloosas are known
for their quiet temperment.
They usually all do good in
western events. They make
good trail and long distance
riders very happy!:)
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