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3035049988_Leung Kin Yeung_CCCH9033 Field Trip Exercise

No description

Jonathan Leung

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of 3035049988_Leung Kin Yeung_CCCH9033 Field Trip Exercise

CCCH9033 Field Trip Exercise
Leung Kin Yeung Jonathan

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Main Issues
1) The Effect of Inadequacy and Privatization of Public Space in City Development on Social Community-based Sustainable Development

2) Problem of Gentrification and related Social Exclusion in Revitalization of Old Community
Social Importance of Public Space
It should be a blank slate for public life
It should be a common ground for socio-cultural interaction, intermingling and communication
Activities: Hanging Clothes, Gathering, Taking Rest, Causal Chat
Overview of Field Trip
The Sour Transformation of Public Space from socially inclusive to being privatized or eaten away could lead to inferior urban planning and weakened social exchange
The sole preservation of old buildings but not the embedded cultural profile causes the death of the heritage
Peculiar upgrade of place could lead to Gentrification and Social Eviction to the local community
What I can do?
Voice the concern Actively in the Consultation Period of the Government!
CHALLENGES on Social Sustainable Development - Denature of Public Space & Gentrification
Public Space on Wing Lee Street
Date: 23rd October 2013
Time: 1230-1400
Key Area: Ladder Street, Wing Lee Street, Hollywood Street and its related Historic Clusters
Base Map
Integration of Public Space in Colonial Era
Open Space in U Nam Terrance allows neighboring people to take rest and gather
Integration of Public Space in Colonial Era - Coherence with Neighbor
It comes and fits the neighborhood naturally without peculiar feeling
Public Space is A Part of Building Cluster
The sound example of U Nam Terrace illustrates that Public Space is an integrated element of a whole building cluster.
Public Space should not be an additional Topping or Selling Gimmick.
U Nam Terrace
U Nam Terrace
The Diminishing Public Space in Post-Colonial Times
Public Space is being eating away as developers wish to fully utilize the site coverage and plot ratio in Real Estate projects for profit making
Hollywood Road
New Estate
Impacts of Diminished Public Space
The direct impact should be the compact living environment and disappeared ventilation channels
What is more: Disintegrated social commons.
The Piecemeal Public Space nowadays can be attributed to the problem of Weak Identity of Residents to their own Community
Devil in the Details:
Minute Privatization of Public Space
Original Public Space should be being open, accessible without formal criteria of membership and provides psychological comfort
Long Benches, Free to Sit, No Obstruction
Wing Lee Street Public Garden
Devil in the Details:
Minute Privatization of Public Space
Private commercial premises eat up public space as one of their inspection areas
You are being monitored in the pseudo-public area
Citizens Take it for Granted...
It is a great pity that Hong Kong people have taken this privatization phenomenon as granted.
First Perception: This shall be public space! We should behave well!
We are losing public resources to individual entrepreneurs , leading to social resource imbalance
Part A: The Denaturing Public Space
Part B : Revitalization = Gentrification & Exclusion of Sitting Residents?
Real Revitalization - Not just Renovate the Building !
Revitalization is to re-energize, renovate and revitalize the once prosperous dilapidated community.
All mundane elements shall be preserved which can reflect who we are and where we come from.
Wing Lee Street Public Garden
Hollywood Road
Hollywood Road
What URA did - Keeping the Body but Not the Soul
Wing Lee Street Revitalization Project transformed the old buildings into Artist Home Base and WL Residence for Youth
WL Residence
Social Exclusion
The Targeted Residents are Overseas Artists and Youngsters who need transient shelter.
Where are the original sitting residents?
Newly-Molded Wing Lee Street
The Disappeared Cultural Profile
We cannot find the original Tong Lau lifestyle or the old cultural scene in this preserved area
There are no old ladies telling her stories in her buildings and there are no clothes-hanging in the balconies anymore
New Appearance but Empty Content
Pseudo- Heritage
Preservation should be the preservation of a Whole Cluster including the Human and Cultural Profile, rather than Individual Buildings
It is meaningless to keep the architectural dead body without any humane involvement.
URA came ,
People Evicted
Gentrification is a peculiar upgrade of place which is incoherent with the neighboring
It leads to invisible classification of people and social eviction
High Class Office on Hollywood Road
Mismatch with the Social Profile
New High-Class Western Restaurants are found on Hollywood Road mixed with a Cluster of Old Community
Does these luxurious amenities suit the local social profile?
Luxurious Restaurant on Hollywood Road
Addressing Local Needs
Revitalization shall improve the local lving standard and take care of what the local need
Prolonged mismatch of social resource distribution could lead to social imbalance
Local Hair Salon on Hollywood Road
Local Scene on Hollywood Road
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