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Examining College

College 101 Talk for Gear Up 7th Graders

Sarah Linn

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Examining College

2. More Money
Examining College

3. More FUN!
How to get there!
2. Get involved
3. Start exploring!

More options, more money, more FUN!
Why choose college? Or worry about it now?
3 Reasons!
Nurse: $55, 980
Physical Therapist: $77,510
Waiter: $18,300

Bank Teller: $21,920
Teacher: $43,400
Cosmetologist: $23,510

Waiter: $1,342/month
After expenses: $
Engineer: $4,985/month
After expenses: $
Total: $1,845
Mortgage/Rent: $600
Utilities: $200
Cell Phone: $75
Food: $400
Gas: $150
Insurance: $220
Living Expenses: $200
Monthly Budget:
Free Stuff!

Engineer: $76,700
And who doesn't want more money?
1. More Options

Gamers Club
Lumberjack Club
Cowboy Club
Photography Club
Wrestling Mat Maids

There are MANY kinds of education
because we are all different!

1. Technology Centers

2. Community Colleges

3. Private Colleges

4. Four Year Universities
There are also many types of degrees!
1. Certificate

2. Associate's Degree

3. Bachelor's Degree

4. Master's Degree

5. Doctorate Degree
You choose a MAJOR
: Specialized
plan of classes you take in college
to help prepare you
for a specific career
Dentist: $158,050
Flexible classes and times
College graduates earn an average of $1 million more in their lifetimes than high school grads
Organizations and Clubs!
OSU has 466 clubs!
Dorm and Cafeteria Life

Can request a roommate or go 'pot luck'
Can change roommates if necessary
Activities, food, pranks, fun in dorms
Make best friends
More likely to graduate on time
Small space- less cleaning!
Cafeteria- show up, eat, leave. Better than MS!
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