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Mythology: Contemporary Logos

No description

Malissa Curtan

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Mythology: Contemporary Logos

NIKE "Trust the Midas touch" Nike was the Greek goddess of victory. She bestowed fame and glory on
the victors of battle. Much like the company does
now with advertisements and
endorsements to successful
athletes. Her siblings had similar themes. Her brother was the god of
rivalry. Her sisters were the goddesses
of force and strength. The image depicted in the
Starbucks logo is actually that
of a Siren. Sirens would lure sailors toward
rocky coasts with song, where the
sailors would wreck their ships. The Siren was used to
depict how irresistible
Starbucks coffee was. King Midas had been given
the choice of one reward
after returning Dionysus'
foster father to him. He asked that everything
he touched be turned
into gold. He ultimately learned that
literally everything he touched
turned to gold. Including his daughter. Ajax the Great, or Greater
Ajax, was a warrior in the
Trojan War known for his
strength and bravery. He is not wounded in any of
the battles in the Iliad and is
the only principal character
on either side who is not
personally aided by the Gods
who participate in battle. He embodies hard work and
perseverance. MYTHOLOGY IN CONTEMPORARY COMPANY NAMES AND LOGOS Malissa Curtan Elizabeth Nickoloff
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