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Lines On A Royal Wedding

No description

Andy Jackson

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Lines On A Royal Wedding

Do you take this woman? Do you take her to have and to hold
but particularly to have, repeatedly, on the horse-hair stuffing
of the bed of your ancestors while the footman waits, discreetly,
till you’re spent, then steps in
to remove the royal prophylactic?
Do you promise to love this woman,
love and honour her?
Not the constitutional imperatives
of love, but the eyes-rolled-back abandon of the union, the fizz of lust
that bursts as she divests herself
of ermine-trimmed bikini
and whispers in your ear
Your…Majesty. Do you promise to obey? Obey the things which no-one should ignore – the glory of the orb and sceptre, weighed in trembling hands, shyly in the shadowed light, then curious, then unashamed and commonplace, a part
of what you are,
as the changing of the guard. Lines on a Royal Wedding
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