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Community Director Presentation

USA Housing & Dining

Lauren Gulsby

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Community Director Presentation

Fly South to #JagNation
Higher Education Admin. M.Ed.
Engage Student Leaders
Staff Recruitment & Selections Staff Trainings
Residence Hall Association
National Residence Hall Honorary
Peer Review Board
Meet Our Department
Assistant Director, Housing
Assistant Facilities Manager
Housing Services Coordinator
Housing Maintenance & Facilities Staff
Associate Director
Business Manager
Assignments Coordinator
Accountant Clerk
Marketing Coordinator
Central Office
On-Campus Living
Speaking of Computing
Health & Wellness
International Community
Children of the Earth
Community Director

Compensation for Community Directors includes tuition and fees for 6 graduate level credit hours each semester.

Congruent with your expected stay in the Community Director role, the program is tailored for completion within 2 years, or 5 total semesters.
Work with a variety of Living Learning Communities and Themed Housing
And MANY more!
Compensation for Community Directors includes a furnished apartment in the heart of campus, plus a variety of included amenities.
extended HD cable
wireless Internet
pest control
campus post office box
free maintenance
unlimited laundry
Housing Google Calendar
Supervise a paraprofessional staff of 6-10 resident assistants
Help coordinate and execute Community-wide programming
Respond to the issues and needs of residential students!
Help enhance the total
on-campus living experience!
A live-in senior staff member responsible for managing daily operations of a 200-600 resident Community
Housing & Dining actively promotes all campus activities to residents through use of:
Where our students call home!
Beta/Gamma Community
Houses 500 residents in non-traditional, apartment-style residential housing, across 15 buildings.
Delta Community
Houses 470 residents across 3 non-traditional style residence halls
Epsilon Community
Epsilon I and II house 314 freshman residents across these two traditional-style residence halls.
Included in the Epsilon Community is our Delta 6 residence hall, housing 157 residents in these non-traditional spaces.
Stokes Hall
Newly built in 2011, Stokes Hall houses 330 residents, in shared suite-style rooms
Our 9 Fraternity & Sorority houses offer spaces for 202 Greek members.
Organizations housed in our Greek Community include:
Alpha Gamma Delta
Alpha Omicron Pi
Chi Omega
Kappa Delta
Phi Mu
Kappa Alpha
Pi Kappa Alpha
Pi Kappa Phi
& Sigma Chi
Fraternity & Sorority
Housing Community
New Residence
Hall Community
Newly opened in August 2013, our New Residence Hall Community houses 350 first-time students.
Become a Community Director at
the University of South Alabama
Co-Advising RHA, NRHH, or Peer Review Board
Summer Housing, Campus & Conferences
Summer Facilities
Training our Student Desk Assistants
Coordinating the Housing End-Of-Year Banquet
Community Director Recruitment Selection and Training
Resident Assistant Recruitment Selection and Training
and others!
Building Bridges, Changing Lives..
Do YOU want a competitive professional experience?
Welcome to the University of South Alabama
Residence Life Team
Resident Assistants
Desk Assistants
Conference Assistants
Community Directors
Area Coordinators
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