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Cheetahs Challenge #2

No description

amanda miller

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Cheetahs Challenge #2

Cheetahs Challenge #2
Description Of Sources
-PBS.org - PBS.org 1995 All Rights Have Been Reserved

-NationalGeographic.com - National Geographic Society 1996

-Lions.org - 28 Design Lab 2011

-Youtube.com Cheetahs Vs Antelope February 18 2012
Evaluation Of Challenges
1. Narrowing my topic
-watched a ton of videos and read so many things
-too much information on too many things
-found a website that more focused & different kinds of information

2. Finding appropriate & useful resources
-too many articles on things I was not trying to focus on
- Mike & library articles
- lions.org & "Cheetah vs. Antelope" video

3. Coming up with a clear thesis
What Parts Of This Process You Have Found Running Smoothly...
-"Cheetah vs. Antelope" video came with two informative segments
-It was very easy to find cheetahs hunting actions along with their strengths and weaknesses.
-I went to the school library and found some other resources with Mike
Staying Organized
I'm Staying Organized By Keeping All My Notes Inside A Folder
-Inside My Notebook.
-Use bullet points of important information.
- How do they react in other habitats ?
- Are they friendly?
- Do they have blurred vision
- Can a cheetah get cancer?
-My Approximate Completion Date Is
-November 27 2013 Wednesday.
-Thursday, November 20 2013 I will start the beginning of my rough draft.
-Monday November 25, 2013 I will be done with my rough draft..
-Friday, November 22 2013 I will start to complete my tasks leading up to challenge 3.
Cheetahs are considered by many one of the greatest predators on the planet, but they have significant weaknesses
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