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Nuclear Radiation


Sahil Gaikwad

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Nuclear Radiation

By: Sahil Gaikwad Nuclear Radiation Radiation Decay There are 3 different types of Radiation Decay called Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Alpha Particle Radiation In Alpha Decay, a positively-charged particle is emitted from the nucleus of an atom.
An Alpha Particle consists of two Protons and two Neutrons(a Helium-4 nucleus).
Although Alpha Particles are normally highly energetic, they travel only a few centimeters in the air and are stopped by a sheet of paper or the outer layer of dead skin.
Alpha Radiation is attracted to a negative charge. Beta Particle Radiation In Beta Decay, a particle is emitted from the nucleus of an atom. A Beta Particle is an electron with either negative or positive electric charge. Beta Particles may travel metres in the air and several millimetres into the Human body. Most Beta Particles may be stopped by a small thickness of light material such as Aluminium or Plastic. A Beta Electron is attracted to a positive charge but a beta Positron is attracted to a negative charge. Gamma Ray Radiation Gamma Decay occurs because the nucleus of an atom is at too high an energy State.
The nucleus falls down to a lower energy state, emitting a high energy photon known as a Gamma Particle in the process.
Gamma Particles travel in a wave like pattern at the speed of light.
There is low energy Gamma rays and high energy Gamma rays
Gamma rays are attracted too nothing.
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