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Canvas Instructure & Blended Learning Introduction

No description

Jamie Pena

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Canvas Instructure & Blended Learning Introduction

Canvas Instructure
& Blended Learning Canvas Instructure is an LMS System Students are able to move through curriculum at their own pace.
In a blended learning environment, students participate in synchronous online discussions that are facilitated by the teacher.
If a student is absent, they are able to participate in asynchronous discussions and complete the course work they missed. Online Assessments Students can take online assessments in the classroom and get immediate feedback.
In a blended learning environment, teachers can use the data from the assessment to drive instruction. Online Quiz Data to drive instruction Within Modules, teachers
create assignments Organized Student Calendar All assignments, discussions, and activities are automatically placed in a Calendar for the students. Many Uses of Technology Students are able to create online blogs, assignments, and projects that can be turned in through file upload, text entry, website URL, and voice/video record. Online Rubrics and Speed Grader Teachers can create online rubrics that can be attached to any assignment.
There is even an iPhone app for Speed Grader! Google Apps for Education Canvas Easily Integrates with Google Apps Students are able to submit assignments through google docs.
Through these FREE services, we are able to go paperless in the classroom. This is an example of a group assignment
through google docs. Four students worked on
this essay simultaneously Observers Better Communication Parents can be set as an observer of their child.
This enables the parent to view all course work and student submissions. Self-Directed Learner Students are in control of their learning.
Teachers set the goals, objectives, and structure.
Students find a way to reach those goals and objectives.
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