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Solar Panel Research

No description

Zella Boor

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Solar Panel Research

Solar Energy
By Zella Boor

Who Was The First Person To Use Solar Energy And When?
1. Sir John Hershel in the early 1800's.
In What Ways Do We Use Solar Energy After It Is Converted To Thermal Energy?
What Are The Ethical Dilemmas
Of Solar Energy?
In some other countries the climate may not let the solar panels work therefor they couldn't have and solar energy
We Can Use It For Hot Water and Heating in households.
What Are The Benefits Of Solar Energy?
It can power lots of things and save other types of energy. Even though some people try to conserve energy, it still is wasted.
What Are The Limitations Of Solar Energy?
It is expensive and it doesn't work at night. It also takes up a lot of space.
What Are The Ways That Solar Energy Is Converted Into Electricity?
Solar panels have solar cells. These cells are tiny disks that are semiconductors. The light that hits the solar panels gets converted into energy and then the energy will flow through circuts.

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