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Campus Renewal Ministries

No description

Ashlye Elizondo

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Campus Renewal Ministries

Campus Renewal Ministries Overview 2012 What We do Resources New Initiatives Thanks for
checking us
out! Rez Week Prayer Movements on Campuses The Missional
Community Movement Ventures Our Mission Statement Our Values Where We Started Who We Are Campus Renewal Ministries forges partnerships in prayer to build missional communities that
transform college campuses with the Gospel of Jesus. In 1991 Campus Renewal Ministries began when 12 students from 5 different ministries met at 7:00am everyday to pray for transformation at UT Austin. Christ centered
Relationship driven
Transformation focused
Presence propelled
Purity prescribed
Mission directed Fusion Groups The Campus House of Prayer serves as a place where students, campus ministers, and faculty can pray anytime. Our goal is to have many people committing to weekly prayer hours, eventually fulfilling 24/7 prayer. Reaching Campus Blog
Training, Speaking, and Consulting
Campus Renewal book by CRM National Campus Director, Justin Christopher Where We Are Now Campus Renewal Ministries has grown to now have 3 main hubs:
The University of Texas Hub (National Headquarters)
The University of Tennessee Knoxville Hub
The New York City Hub
In addition to these hubs we also have staff developing efforts in other campuses. weekly united prayer Spark Groups The Campus Transformation Network
The Partnering Campus Project
CRM Crew Spark Course Increasing Christian Population on Campus One of our greatest success stories is The University of Texas at Austin. Since the introduction of Spark groups (missional communities) 8 years ago, the Christian population on their campus has increased from 5% to11.5%! Campus House of Prayer (CHOP) CRM Crew (Ephesians 1:22-23) (John 17:20-22) (Acts 1:7-8) (Acts 4:31-32) (Galatians 5:16-17) (Acts 2:44-47) Missional Community Groups Missional community training course, equipping students to live as missionaries on a campus. Spiritual Mapping Taking surveys, gathering research and data to asses the spiritual climate of a campus, and see where areas where the Christian body is growing, and areas which need improvement. The University of Texas at Austin The University of Tennessee at Knoxville Campus Christian Center at Arizona State University CRM Catalytic Events CRM is a big proponent of catalytic events on campuses. One of our best known events is called Rez Week, short for Resurrection Week. The Campus Transformation Network Vision Empowering Leaders, Transforming Campuses, Shaping Culture To increase Christ-centered transformation on colleges and universities by uniting leaders who minister to and influence faculty, staff and students. What We Do Leadership and Prayer circles for every campus
National and Regional Conferences
National Online Magazine
State Facilitation Teams
Online Social Networking The Partnering Campus Project Connecting colleges and universities across the nation interested in seeing a united prayer and mission movement happen on their campus. What We Offer Virtual Meetings
Personal Consultation
National Invite Only Conference Want to get more involved? CRM offers volunteer opportunities, internships and a brand new post-graduate ministry program - CRM Crew! Rez week is a week long event that takes place in a middle of a campus. It involves a 24/7 prayer tent, art murals, a coffee house serving complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate, performing artists, a free speech board and night events involving a guest speaker and worship bands. CRM Crew is a new program for college graduates that offers a 1-2 year opportunity to serve full-time alongside CRM staff in a specific role that interests them. That role could be filling a need with a CRM Regional Hub, the Campus Transformation Network, or within CRM’s National Office. CRM Crew raise support and draw a salary just as full-time staff but without the long-term commitment. At the end of their year of service, CRM Crew can extend to another year, transition to full-time CRM staff or decide to take their career in a different direction. This program provides recent college grads with real-world experience in a non-profit ministry while allowing them to keep their options open to how God may lead them in the future.
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