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Mavsart Spring 2016

No description

Janeth Colmenero

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Mavsart Spring 2016

Mavsart Spring 2016
What is Mavsart?
Mavsart is a semester-long program which provides a chance for UT Arlington students, staff, and faculty to showcase their many artistic talents. All forms of artwork varying from charcoal sketches to 3D forms created in the UTA Fab Lab are accepted.
Helen Hough
Trudi Beckman
Jamie Taylor
Reza M. Moghadam
Tessa White
AnDaiya D. Reynolds
Athena Seaton
Johnnie Cisneros
India Garms
Amy Barraclough
Miston Kohnje

The Library system would like to thank the following artists for submitting their artwork to Mavsart 2016.
This digital gallery showcases most of the pieces in this year's Mavsart. To view the complete collection, visit the 2nd floor of Central Library.
Helen Hough
Aspen Light
hand sewn fabric, found objects
Johnnie Cisneros
Untitled 36' x 36'
acrylic on canvas
Resa M. Moghadam
Bandgap Engineering
FormZ designed graphics printed of paper
Tessa White
acrylic paint on canvas
AnDaiyah D. Reynolds
Welcome to Maverick Country
color pencil, marker
AnDaiyah D. Reynolds
Sir Maverick and Baby Maverick
color pencil, marker
AnDaiyah D. Reynolds
UTA Royalty
color pencil, marker
Athena Seaton
torn paper
Trudi Beckman
Trudi Beckman
Abandoned Wheat
Miston Khonje
woman in gold, blue, orange, brown
acrylic on canvas
Trudi Beckman
St. Michael's
Jamie Taylor
Ms. Lauryn Hill
India Garms
Veins of Demeter
acrylic on canvas
Amy Barraclough
Denby Island
Johnnie is an International Business Major and originally from Cuba. He is inspired by color and enjoys combining "color in a variety of ways and playing with them." He describes his style as abstract. He strives to "free himself and create something beautiful without depicting what it is he's doing."
Miston in an undergrad architecture
student. He is inspired by beautiful
women. He describes his art style
as surreal and realistic.
1 of 3
To view the entire series visit the second floor of Central Library.
Amy is a staff member at the university and originally from Milwaukee. She majored in physics and her work is inspired by the night. She specializes in long exposure photography.
India is a local artist who is inspired by bold colors and patterns. She describes her art style as simplistic.
Athena is a graduate student majoring in City + Regional Planning. She is inspired by nature and describes her art style as abstract and contemporary.
AnDaiyah is a local artist from Fort Worth. She is a broadcasting communications major. She is inspired by her father.
Describing her art style as abstract, Tessa pulls inspiration from relationships and emotion. Tessa describes herself as being from " all over...most recently NYC." Currently, she's a staff member at UTA Libraries.
Resa is a graduate student studying Electrical Engineering. She is inspired by molecular beam epitaxy of oxide materials on semiconductors.

Image description:
"The image shows the SZTO on Ge, the reflection on the floor is metallic which inherited from the MBE shiny steel chamber. The orange and blue with white light is the UTA Mavericks color. The Journal also changed its fonts to those colors in honor of UTA."
Jamie is an artist from the state
of Louisiana. She's an architecture
student and is inspired by nature.
She describes her art style as
free-spirited, a little messy, and
Trudi is a local artist majoring in English.
She is inspired by color, light, and contrast.
Trudi views her art style as eclectic.
Helen is an artist from New York City.
She possesses degrees in Art & psychology(BS), Biology(BS), Library Science(MLS), and Psychology(MS inc.)
She is inspired by people and describes her art style as "individual; one or more characteristics of a person are described in a physical medium."
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