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Digital Imaging using Pivot

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Peter Ngutu

on 26 July 2010

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Transcript of Digital Imaging using Pivot

Digital Imaging Using Pivot by
Senior, Rust College Pivot is a new software program that allows people to view, sort and organize images.

The images are sorted in rows and columns.

Pivot requires either Windows 7 or Vista. Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) System offers the ability to create a digital replica of the entire content of a glass microscope slide.

The contents can be displayed on the computer, closely emulating traditional viewing of a slide with a conventional microscope.

These images are of very high resolution hence stored as scanscope visual slide (svs) files.
We selected nine cancer cases and inserted the JPEG images in Pivot along with some data.

The images lose resolution at highest magnification.

We devised a method to insert images in Pivot without losing resolution. SVS (Whole Slide Images) JPEG DZI (Digital Zoom Images) Pivot Collection Digital Slide Studio (max. 64,000 pixels) Excel based tool Publish in Excel Importance of the project The pilot study demonstrated that it is possible to use WSI Images in Pivot. Now we can add thousands of cases for future study.

The use of Pivot in digital pathology can greatly reduce the burden of viewing, analyzing, and managing digital slides which with a traditional image-mining database would be laborious and time consuming.

Peter Ngutu Using Pivot for digital histology slide images will be extremely useful in:




Digital Tissue Microarray Acknowledgements

1) The Department of Pathology, UTHSC

2) Anand Kulkarni, MD, Assistant Professor in Pathology

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