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Endocrine System

No description

Abhishek Shilpakar

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Endocrine System


Pancreas- Pancreatitis
Pancreatitis has 2 types: Acute and Chronic
Acute is sudden and last days
Chronic happens slowly and can last years
Can be very fatal and cause various different problems
Increase the Size of the Pancreas
Add/Increase the layers covering the pancreas
Larger sizes for the ducts of the pancreas
Larger Gall Bladder because it would allow more space for transport of products between the two, helping avoid Pancreatitis
Slight increase in size b/c of the added layers in the Pancreas
Why is it better?
Abhishek Shilpakar, Bashai Lyngdoh and Yohanes Shiferaw
It creates and passes important enzymes and hormones
Located behind the stomach and wedged between the liver
Right next to the Small Intestine
Has many ducts (for transporting products)
Important for digestion and controls the blood glucose level (Insulin and Glucagon)
Causes of Pancreatitis
Gallstones blocking ducts
Blockage of Pancreatic Ducts
Excessive Alcohol
Bacterial Infections
Inflamation of the Pancreas
Very important organ in the body
Creates enzymes and hormones that are necessary for many body functions
Control digestive enzymes
There is little to no chance the enzyme would severely damage the Pancreas
Less chance of pancreatitis means less chance of damage to other systems/organ
Larger ducts available means that products/items from the gallbladder wont get stuck. (Acute Pancreatitis)
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