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Types of Energy

This project cover South Carlina science standard 6-5.1

Reagan Nelson

on 18 February 2012

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Transcript of Types of Energy

Types Of Energy
Science Standard 6-5.1 Energy The ability to cause change By: R Nelson Heat Energy Solar Energy *Energy from the Sun
*Examples: solar roof panel, Sun, flowers *Transfer of thermal energy
*Energy that is transferred from one object at a higher temperature to another at a lower temperature
*Examples: wood, candle wax, Sun, electricity Chemical Energy *Energy stored in particles of matter
*Often released when compounds react to form subtances
*Examples: apple, batteries, sugar/food, fossil fuels, green plant Electrical Energy *Energy flowing in an electric circuit
*Flows through wires
*Examples: batteries, fuels, generators Mechanical Energy *Energy due to the motion and position of an object
*Examples: water flowing downstream, radio, slinkey, rubberbands Mechanical
Potential Energy *Stored energy
*Examples: rubber band, water behind a dam, kite stuck in a tree, blimp Mechanical
Kinetic Energy *Energy an object has due to its motion
*Examples: car, slinkey, ball, blimp Citations
*All of the written information came from Heather Ebert's study guide.
*All of the pictures came from Google Images through Prezi.
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