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No description

Agustin Yagüe

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of GPR2016

SCRUM Overview
Agustín Yagüe
Incremental and Iterative
Product Owner
Responsible for maximizing ROI

Product vision
Identifying product features
Backlog groooming
Responsible for the value
Scrum Master
Helps the group to apply Scrum
Is not the manager/leader
Remove impediments
Protects the team from outside
Coaches the team
Scrum Team
Builds the product
Decides its velocity
7 +/- 2 people (around)
Sprint planning
A meeting to prepare for the Sprint
Two parts
Part One (1 hour per week)
Review product backlog priority
Discuss the sprint goals
Focuses on understanding what
Size of items (1/4 of sprint)
Sprint planning
Part Two (2 hour per week)
Focuses on how to implement
Select items on top of the backlog
Team decides how much work it will complete
Complete analysis of user stories
Daily Meeting
Short meeting (15 min.)
Every workday at an appointed time
Synchronize work meeting
What has been done yesterday?
What will be done today?
What obstacles are in the way?
Review Meeting
1 hour per week
Product: Inspect and adapt
Accept user stories
Includes the actual live software
It is not a presentation; it is a demo
If preparation takes more than 30 minutes ...
something wrong
Process: Inspect and adapt
What's working well?
What's working wrong?
What to improve?
45 minutes per week
Product Backlog
Represents everything that could be done by the team
It is prioritized
Only one by product
It evolves over the lifetime
It is the roadmap
Includes a variety of items
Engineering goals
DEEP property
P.B. Refinement
Dedicated to refine PBI to support future sprints
It takes no more than 10% of sprint duration
Requirement analysis
Splitting features
Not for actual items
Sprint Backlog
List of work for the sprint
Items are decomposed of tasks
It emerges from the Sprint planning
Tasks are tracked during the sprint
It shows the estimated effort remaining
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