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Brookside Holmes

Site Planning presentation

Daniel Thompson

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Brookside Holmes

Double click anywhere & add an idea Project Description Location Target Market First time home buyers double-income professional with no children double-income professional with school aged children single-income households with 1-2 children single-parent households with no children Nature lovers 4940 Stout Parkway Powder Springs, Georgia In close proximity to Clarkdale Elementary, Austell Elementary, Compton Elementary Youth Christian School, Praise Academy, La Petite Academy, Garrett Middle School and South Cobb High School. Product Type Townhomes Single Family Economy Homes Site Visit Site Constriants

• 40% of the land area is located in the 100 year flood plain
• To meet the 100 unit requirement density will be high
•The site must be rezoned to R5, thus extending the project schedule and cost
•Developable areas of the site are covered with woodlands which will require a large quantity of clearing & grubbing. Site Attributes

•Developable areas have mild changes in elevation, minimizing need for mass grading.
•Undevelopable land can be utilized as open space.
•Woodlands can be utilized as buffers for sound and vision.
•Site is easily accessible from roadway.
•All adjacent properties are zoned for residential development.
•Ridges provide scenic views of woodlands.
•Antique barn and historic oak will potentially provide focal point for community. Company Profile Past Projects

Collier Commons (Birmigham, AL)
West Andrews Community (Alpharettia, GA)
Dellwood Estates (Tampa, FL)
Ansly Park Homes ( Nashville, TN) Mission Statement:" We Build More Than Homes, We Build Friendships" Vision Statment: Quality workmanship and superior service. We understand value and effectively balance project costs with our clients' expectations. GIS Exhibits Site Selection & Analysis Site Plan Approval Process Rezoning Process Land Disturbance Permit Process Site Plan submitted for review by applicable governing bodies Project reviewd by Planning Commission during Planning Review Hearing. Planning Commission make recommedation to Planning Commission based on project feasibility Board Comissioners votes to "approve" or "deny the projectbased on recommendation. Sets of required drawings submitted for review Intial review appointment:
"ineligible" One Stop Meeting:
14 reviewers
8-9 stamps Land Disturbance Permit Site Plan Development Process Infrastructure Plan The Maple Wood The Oakmont The Buckeye Pinecrest II Pinecrest I Community Ammenities Conclusion
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