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The Essay

This presentations visits the essay, its primary components, and the most common types of essays.

Rafael Sabio

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of The Essay

What is an essay?
An essay is a well organized piece of writing; it is comprised of two or more paragraphs carefully woven together with helpers such as transitions in order to convey a specific message
What should I know
about the essay?

The essay has an easily identifiable beginning, middle, and end.
The essay gives writers more of an opportunity to express themselves rather than trying to fit everything into one paragraph.
It has 3 distinct parts:
The Introduction Paragraph
The Bodies (can be several paragraphs)
The Conclusion
What are the parts
of an essay?

The Main idea Paragraph...
-Introduces the essay to the readers
-Is usually one paragraph, but can be more
-Is used to capture the readers' attention
-Contains the Thesis, the main idea of the
whole essay. It's usually the last
sentence of this paragraph

This is the main idea paragraph!
The Body Paragraphs...
-Contain the details that explain and support
the thesis.
-Each body paragraph has its own main idea that
relates to the thesis.
These are the body paragraphs!
These are the body paragraphs!
This is the thesis!
The Conclusion...
- closes the essay
- is usually one paragraph, but can be more
- restates the thesis and is where the writer
expresses his or her opinion
This is the conclusion!
The Informative Essay
So, what kinds of essays are there?
In summary, the essay has...
- an introduction and thesis
- body paragraphs
- and a conclusion
- also called the descriptive essay

- serves to describe or give information
about something
The Persuasive Essay
- gives a writer the chance to persuade
people to believe in the topics and
details the writer is discussing

- also known as the argumentative essay
The Comparison Essay
- Used to compare two or more things
- the writer focuses on either the similarities
or the differences between the things being
The Contrast Essay
- used to show the differences
of two or more things
- the writer focuses only on the
differences between two or more things
The Comparison & Contrast Essay
- used to show the similarities &
differences between two or more
- when writing this essay, a general pattern
should be used (e.g. in all paragraphs,
compare the similarities first then the
differences second)
The Narrative Essay
- used to tell a story
- often, this type of essay will have
characters in the story talking.
- also often is the use of
phrases such as "a long time ago",
"in (insert date)", "one day", etc.
The "How to..." Essay
- used when wanting to show
how to do something step
by step.
- is written chronologically
- said by many to be the easiest
type of essay
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