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ICT Project for social change!

No description

Abby Vasallo

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of ICT Project for social change!

ICT Project for social change!
group - 3
Once you get support and approval for your project , you can start doing some actual work ,
In the past chapters, you have learned how to use Information and Communicatons technology for personal gain . You've learned how social media has enabled people from all over the world to communicate and from social relations with each other . You have also learned new ways to express your ideas through online publishing computer graphics , and online collaboration.
Simplified ICT Project Process Overview

1.Planning-Involves the following task (but not limited to):

a. Conceptualizing your project project
b. Researching on available data about your topic
c. Setting deadlines and meetings
d. Assigning people to various tasks
e. Finding a web or blog host
f. Creating a site map for tour website
g. Listing down all applications, that you need including web apps
h. Funding (If applicable)

2.Development-involves the actual creation of the website(s), involves the production of images, infographics, etc.

3.Release and Promotion-involves the actual release of the website for public view and promoting it. Promotion typically starts before the actual release.

4.Maintenance-involves responding to feedback of your site visitors and continuing to improve your website.
4.Support-contains the budget needed for the project. Some concept papers do not specify any amount requested from the sponsor.

5.Contact information-includes information on how the group be contacted.
simplified IT Project process
Before starting your project, your group should be able to do the necessary paperwork. This allows experts to see if your project is doable over the time frame that was given and if it is significant enough to be made into reality.
Five elements of a concept paper

1.Introduction-includes tour group’s mission and vision and a brief introduction of your project.

2.Purpose-includes the reasons why this project is worth your group and your sponsor’s time, effort and money.

3.Description-includes all the necessary information about the project. In ICT, it involves the sites you are going to produce and the purpose of each and how they work in unison.

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