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Fertilized to DEATH

About dead zones

Lina Thach

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Fertilized to DEATH

Fertilized to By: Lina & Jennifer What are Dead Zones? O.o Also known as hypoxic zones say waaaaaaah? Area in the water where oxygen levels are very low and cannot support animal life How is it created? =O The excess nutrients from the farmlands deposit into sources of water Those water sources lead out into the Mississippi River which enters the Gulf of Mexico All the nutrients causes major algae blooms When the algae decomposes, it uses up large amounts of oxygen which depletes the supply from the water. which results too. . . DEAD ZONES Where is it located . . . (O.O) ? (@_@) Why is it important? It not only kills fishes and other animal life but also endangers the fishing industries The DANGERS!!! Wind Animals (Shrimp, crabs, flounder, and fish) Contamination Economy Bacterial Mats Increase in floods Nutrients and Algal blooms Gulf of Mexico One of the largest
Major source of seafood industry
Seasonal (Spring) to late fall
First recorded in 1970s
Two to three years
Flood in 1993 cause double Prevention Volunteer
Modification of Farm Practices
Wetlands- Natural filters
Control Nitrogen
Clean Water Act
Monitor Sewage Treatment Facilities Alum Treatment Uses aluminum sulfate to reduce the amount of phosphorus (fertilizer) in the water
It becomes fluffy when in contact with the water and binds the phosphorus which makes it impossible to become food for the algae
Al2(SO4)3 • 14H2O + 2PO43- -> 2AlPO4 + 3SO42- + 14H2O Dead Zones DEATH
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